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EWT Water Filters 7 Reasons Why People Choose EWT Water Filters

With EWT Water Filter Professionals, you get unmatched service for water filters in Ireland.

Why Choose EWT Water Filters EWT Water Filters Benefits Water Filters
Protects the Environment

Plumbed-in water filters help eliminate pollution caused by delivery trucks and plastic water bottles. Get an unlimited drinking water supply in your home. No trucks needed to deliver water and no plastic bottles needed to transport the water.

After Sales Service for Water Filters

Our commitment to you doesn't end when your water filter units are installed. As a customer of EWT Water Filter Professionals, you can be confident that we will always be there to assist you with any queries or problems you may have with our water filtration systems.

EPDWA Member Since 2004

EWT Water Softener Professionals have been active members of the European Point of Use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA) since 2004. As members of the EPDWA, you can be guaranteed that all our water filters and equipment servicing meet strict EPDWA guidelines, providing you with the best service and standards in the water filtration industry.

Member of the UK Water Treatment Association

EW Technologies is part of the UK Trade association for water treatment companies!

Leaders in Water Filtration for Over a Decade

For over 10 years, we have led the way in developing the concept of standards in the water filtration industry and making them relevant to our business. No other company can offer the expertise and knowledge that you get when you choose water filtration systems from EWT.

Certified Water Specialists

WQA quailfied staff help ensure you receive the best advice available. The WQA Professional Certification program helps consumers and employers identify individuals in the point-of-use/point-of-entry water quality improvement industry who have demonstrated a certified level of professional expertise and are dedicated to high professional standards. WQA certification is a voluntary credentialing process. To achieve any WQA-certified title, the candidate must pass a comprehensive exam and accept the WQA Code of Ethics for the Water Quality Improvement Industry.

Peace of Mind

We believe in attaining customers' "Peace of Mind". That's why all EWT Water Filters are independently certified for all performance claims made and backed up by a 15 Year parts Guarantee.