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About EWT Water Treatment Specialist

EWT (European Water Technologies) was established in 2002 by Managing Director EWT Europe David Forde and has become one of the UK's largest water treatment companies.

Our UK Office is in Maidstone Kent England, We also have offices in, Dublin (Ireland), Galway (Ireland)Krakow (Poland) Munich (Germany).

We continually break new ground in the water treatment industry by developing new water treatment systems to deal with the  UK's hard water issues. EWT combats the UK's hard water issues through the development of water softener systems and water filtration systems for the industrial, commercial and domestic UK marketplace.

We employ a well-trained and highly-capable team of over 78 people who bring Leading Edge water treatment equipment and water softeners to UK and European homes. Over 100,000 people in The UK use our water softeners, water coolers and water filtration systems every day.
We have achieved great success over the years but we continually strive to improve our business to ensure that You - Our Customer, has the best experience possible.

We find it impossible to get all of our professional staff together, in one place, but here's a picture of some of our EWT Water Softener Specialists in our office.

EWT Professionals gather for a team photo, 2011

Team photo of EWT Softener Professionals in Dublin, 2011

EWT Water Softener Specialists