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Commercial Water Filtration

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From small local companies to large international organizations we have a package and product to suit every one, let us take the hassle out of your water treatment needs; we are the experts in our field, with the highest level of certification in the industry. As one of the UK's leaders in Commercial/Industrial water filtration and softening equipment, our sales representatives and service technicians are experienced WQA certified water treatment professionals. Our water filtration specialists are uniquely qualified to understand water quality, water treatment and commercial water filtration for UK industries. EWT Commercial Filtration Systems are used in a variety of UK industries for water filtration and water treatment; A few industries where EWT commercial filtration systems are used are listed as follows:

  • Hospitals, Retirement Homes 
  • Restaurants, Hotels and Holiday Parks
  • Medical facilities, Health Services and Clinics
  • Corporate Parks and Links Gold Courses
  • Schools and University’s
  • Educational and Cultural Institutions
EWT Water softener plant installed in Hotel “estimated payback 16 months”
  • Reduces water heating costs by upto 30%
  • Reduces room cleaning times by upto 10%
  • Extends the life of all appliances and reduces repair call outs

EWT Desalation plant installed in links golf course “estimated payback 18 months”
  • Reduces water bills by upto 75%

EWT Commercial Reverse Osmosis plant installed in factory  to be used to give a specfic water quailty used during manufacture of chemicals