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EWT Water Coolers for Offices in the UK
Water Cooler for office
Office water coolers from EWT bring chilled water to office spaces in the UK. EWT combines refined beauty and modern style into our Water Smart range of point-of-use water coolers, to provide chilled water to thirsty office staff. EWT Water Coolers purify water directly from water mains and deliver chilled water into a single point-of-use water supply for businesses and offices in the UK.

EWT Push Button Office Water Cooler. EWT presents push-button office water coolers with the best features for water coolers in the UK:
  • Double float-protection device
  • Easy to clean, stainless steel finish
  • Inbuilt water filtration system
  • Modern water dispenser controls with push-buttons
  • Safer and more hygienic to use than conventional water coolers
  • Two year unlimited labour and parts warranty on rented office water cooler units