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Plumbed-in Water Coolers 7 Benefits of Using Plumbed-in Water Coolers


Plumbed-in water coolers from EWT Water Softener Professionals deliver offices and commercial organisations with a constant supply of purified, great tasting and cool drinking water whenever you get thirsty.

Get unlimited superior quality water to quench your thirst, at your company workplace, with plumbed-in water coolers from EWT Water Softener Professionals.

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Get Superior Quality Drinking Water

Plumbed-in water coolers give your organisation superior quality drinking water on demand. With EWT Plumbed-in Water Coolers, you can get an unlimited supply of superior quality water which tastes great, whenever you like.


Reduce Costs, Save Money

EWT Office Water Coolers reduce your drinking water costs by up to 50% with superior quality plumbed-in water coolers. Not only will your company reduce water storage costs, but you can also save money with an EWT Office Water Cooler.


Safer, Cleaner Drinking Water

Incredibly sophisticated water purification systems, built into plumbed-in water coolers from EWT Water Softener Professionals, produce safer, cleaner drinking water. Your business can reduce the risk of contaminants and gets cleaner drinking water by installing plumbed-in water coolers from EWT Water Softener Professionals.


Welfare at Work

As a water softener and cooler company, EWT ensures timely delivery and professional installation of plumbed-in water coolers for offices, which comply with the latest safety, health and welfare at work regulations S.I. No. 358 of 1995. Get the best water cooler service for your organisation with EWT Water Softener Professionals.


Save Time and Effort

EWT Water Coolers eliminate time delays in waiting for water bottle deliveries and collections. You can save lots of time and effort by installing plumbed-in water coolers from EWT Water Softener Professionals at your business or establishment.


Unlimited Office Water Supply

Plumbed-in water coolers eliminate the need to store, lift and carry heavy plastic water bottles. Get unlimited office water supply, by installing EWT Office Water Coolers in your organisation.


Environmentally friendly Office Water Coolers

EWT Office Water Coolers are environmentally friendly to every organisation. No plastic water bottles are used to supply water to plumbed-in water coolers, making it better for the environment.