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Our all new range of GOLD Series Water filter systems gives great tasting drinking water in your home. Drinking filtered water, from EWT GOLD Series Water Filters, reduces unpleasant tastes and odours caused by chlorine and contaminants. Our Gold Series water filters clean, filter and purify your tap water into great tasting drinking water. Filtered water is good for cooking food and great for drinking purposes; water filtration systems from EWT make it easy to filter tap water into purified drinking water. Enjoy the refreshing taste of purified drinking water, right at your kitchen sink, with EWTs GOLD Range of Drinking water systems. Please note some of our drinking water systems are designed for microbiolically safe water for more information on the unit best for you please call us.
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Gold Series G8 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System- NOW ONLY £ 780

Our most comprehensive drinking water system to date, the all new Gold Series G8 reverse osmosis drinking water system incorporates 5 stages of filtration which provides a barrier against 100s of know toxins which may or may not be in your water, the Gold Series G8 Reverse Osmosis is the most advanced Reverse Osmosis available from EWT. With some all new fantastic features and benifits.   

Gold Series G1 Drinking Water Filter- NOW ONLY £190

Our G1 drinking filter is an excellent choice if removing chlorine and eliminating other unpleasant tastes and odours is your main concern, the G1 filter fits neatly under you kitchen sink and has incorporated easy change twist fit filters. The G1 is the most affordable drinking water filter in our Gold range, and will deliver great tasting drinking water all year round for you and your family  

Gold Series G5 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System- NOW ONLY £ 480

Our G5 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system incoprates 5 stages of filtration, and delivers great tasting fresh water from a dedicated drinking water tap. The high-performance reverse osmosis membrane eliminates a variety of common contaminants from your drinking water.