Easy Ways Water Filters Can Have A Positive Effect On The Environment

There are plenty of reasons to consider having a water filter installed in your home – or even at your workplace if you’re in charge of the premises. But aside from your own personal benefits, using a water filter can also be great for planet Earth.
Some of the reasons are surprisingly simple, so let’s take a look at a few easy ways water filters can have a positive effect on the environment around us.

You’ll have less need to purchase water in plastic bottles.

Many people list the bad taste and quality of tap water amongst their reasons for buying bottled water. But if your water is great tasting and safer than ever, there’ll no longer be a need to! Bottled water bottles are of course made from plastic, which is harder to recycle than you may have thought. This means many plastic bottles end up in landfills or even simply cluttering our streets as litter. Neither option is appealing, so try not to contribute to it as much. Even when you’re on the go, it’s easy to to buy a re-usable water bottle to take your fresh supply with you.

Water filters will encourage you to drink from your own supply, which cuts down on manufacturing and transportation effects, as well as plastic bottles.

In addition to the plastic bottles themselves, we also have to consider the process of the water being bottled and transported to our local stores. This plastic is going to have been made in a factory, which may have omitted a lot of chemicals and toxins into the air during its production. There’s also the fact lorries, ships and planes all damage the environment with their high carbon footprints. They’ll also be using up a lot of fossil fuel, like oil. Reduce your impact on these emissions by simply enjoying water from the source – no production or transportation needed.

These are just a few examples of how having a water filter installed could be a positive thing – not just for you, but for the Earth’s environment as well!

If you’re considering living a little greener or just want to do your bit to help the world around us, consider a water filter. In addition to its environmental effects, you’ll also get to enjoy better tasting, safer water for you and your family too!
Take a look around our site to see the wide range of water filters we have available – or feel free to go ahead and get in touch if you’re looking to learn more and get the process started!

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