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Water Softeners – EWT Gold Range Water Softeners

EWT Gold Range of Water Softeners are Guaranteed UK, backed by a 10 year 100% component warranty from UK’s largest water softener company. Our patented IQ Softener Resin – the most advanced water softening resin in the softener industry today, is utilized in our Gold Range water softeners


The Perfect Experience Every Time

Our Promise Our Promise

The Perfect Experience Every Time

  • Protect Your Family's
    Sensitive Skin

    Water Fact: It's been proven that hard water irritates soft, sensitive skin. With EWT Water Softener Systems installed, you can enjoy having naturally moisturised, smooth skin as one of the benefits of living with soft water on a daily basis. Soft water can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with dry skin and skin-sensitive allergies.

  • Leaves Your Bathrooms
    & Floors Sparkling

    Experience hassle-free bathroom cleaning without the need for endless scrubbing. How? When water softeners convert hard water into soft water, dirt and grime washes away easily. EWT Water Softener Systems can reduce household cleaning time by over 50 percent and get you soft water and sparkling clean bathrooms and floors

  • Water Softeners Eliminate
    100% Limescale

    Bring your shower back to life with water softener systems from EWT. Meaning, no more clogged shower heads, no more ugly limescale scum on your shower door - just a perfect invigorating shower experience every time.

  • Save Money On
    Heating Bills

    Save over 20-30 percent with reduced bills on gas, oil and electricity costs when you switch to EWT Water Softeners. Using the EWT Gold Series unit also helps to remove any built up limescale in your home that is already there before installation. So over time you will eliminate 100% limescale from your home

  • Save Time, Money
    and Water

    Independent research on benefits of water softeners has shown that they will pay for them self in a time period of 7 to 8 months. A lifetime of softened water will help you save time, save water and save money, over €600 annually on detergents, heating and household appliances.

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Loving it.

  • Dear EWT, Thank you for the service you provide, however I would like to state that I have been with you for over two years. You all installed my water softener system.I have had my second servicing since I have been with you on 9/11/15. Before this I felt that the water was not actually very soft and even after I mentioned to the person who installed it as well as the first person who serviced it, because the test result came back as soft my concerns were not taken on board. However I still saw the build up of limescale in the bath and around the kitchen sink. Only after showing this to your last engineer some adjustment was made and I can feel the difference in the water. A sure sign is that soap takes a bit longer to wash off. I am just a bit disappointed that it took so long.

    R Sharma , Watford

    The engineer fitted the softener unit and drinking water filter in one hour. I could see the difference in water quality. I have noticed that dry skin has disappeared. I am happy with this product and the service. I would like to recommend to my friends. Thanks.

    JUNGLIM OH , hackbridge

    I have reported for the THIRD time that my water softener unit is broken. Every time I am promised a call back to arrange a service call and not once has this been honoured. The unit stopped working within warranty period. I was fobbed off with the water bridging explanation, which did not fix the problem. A plumber working elsewhere in the house tested the unit and found there is no power in the unit. I am absolutely appalled and furious at EWT's lack of professionalism and total lack of interest in fixing this. Review? POOR PRODUCT AND DREADFUL SERVICE. I am STILL WAITING.

    Morag Joss , St Mary Bourne
  • Have had our water softener for about 4 weeks and are already enjoying the benefits. Our hair feels softer, skin is less dry, hardly any conditioner or moisturizer needed. Treated myself to a new kettle and there is no lime scale evident yet. My bathroom and kitchen are cleaner, granite work surfaces are shiny again and bathroom tiles and shower screen don't need constant drying off. The fitter was friendly, polite and efficient, he arrived on time and worked tidily. Would highly recommend to anyone living in a hard water area.

    Alison Becker , Fordwells Drive, Bracknell

    My wife and I are really delighted with the improvement to our water supply which was so hard. Also for the polite and efficient service we have received. We are pleased to be able to recommend EWT to our friends. Thank you.

    Christopher Hicks , Stourton Park, Trowbridge

    The only thing I wish is that I'd had this softener installed sooner! We saw an immediate improvement in water softness and the drinking-water tap delivers lovely quality water. Several weeks on, our bathrooms, sinks and taps are gleaming and our consumption of toiletries and cleaning products has substantially decreased. We had a slight problem with water pressure (we have a town house with a megaflow) but EWT also excel at their customer support and this issue was dealt with promptly and efficiently by the team. We had wider pipework fitted by an EWT engineer (at no further cost) and since then everything is superb. Cannot recommend them, or this product, enough.

    Linda H Edmondson , Littlehampton
  • 02/12/2013 Just wanted to say how pleased and delighted we are with the water softener installed recently by the EWT Engineer. What a very nice young man. The results to date have been magic, a gleaming stainless steel sink unit, a lovely clean shower unit. Less powder in the washing machine and clean taps, marvelous. All that you claimed would happen. Many thanks. Harry and Valerie Spencer.

    Harry Spencer , Cuffley, Hertfordshire

    The whole process was very smooth, with EWT clearly explaining how the Gold Series 606 water softener system worked and what would be suitable for us. Installation was very efficient and the engineer was first class. We are already starting to notice a difference

    andrew gadsby , Wymondham

    I had the water softener and drinking system installed a couple of months ago and there is a noticeable difference in the build up of limescale. Cleaning the shower screen is easy again! The free drinking water system is very good. The engineer had to travel from the South East but was friendly, professional and courteous throughout. Would definately recommend.

    Paul Harcombe , Goldfinch Road, Melksham
  • Since EWT installed our water softener just over 4 weeks ago, we have noticed a marked difference to the quality of the water. There is no build-up of lime scale on the glass shower screens, within days appliance's such as the kettle and shower heads, were all clear. From the initial telephone inquiry to the installation of the unit, the service was excellent. we would happily recommend your company to anyone considering this product.

    Mr Strudwick , Wallingford

    After almost 1 month I am very pleased with the result. For a very reasonable fee my flat is now free from limescale and my bathrooms / kitchen look much cleaner. I am confident that my appliances (wahsing machine / dishawsher) can feel the difference as well. Engineer was vey helpful and installed the unit very nicely as per my instruction. Would definitely recommend!

    Fabrice BORASCHI , Wapping

    After installing the EWT 606 Gold series water softener and filter we have seem dramatic differences within the first week! Firstly the installation by the engineer was very professional. Pipework was all neat and tidy and we kept the option of having hard water for the garden and soft water everywhere else in the house. Secondly the cleaning has improved 100% and our skin definitly feels softer. One of my neighbours has already booked their installation based on my recommendation. Well done EWT!

    ARORA , Croxley Green