EWT Gold Series Products

EWT Gold Series Products

See What EWT Can Do For Your Entire House

Gold Series Water Softener

Remove 100% Limescale

The EWT gold series water softeners remove 100% limescale from all homes. The EWT 606TM meter regeneration water softener is WQA (Water Quality Standard) gold standard approved. It’s the most efficient water softener on the market designed to be 70% more efficient on water and 50% efficient on salt use saving you up to £700 every year. Eliminate 100% limescale for ever!

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Only £1016

Great Tasting & Filtered Water

The EWT G5TM Gold Series water purification system uses the most advanced reverse osmosis water treatment technologies available today. The G5 incorporates Reverse Osmosis technologies which are recognised as one of the best available technologies for producing the very best quality drinking water saving you up to £600 every year on bottled water. Eliminate plastic bottled water forever!

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Only £249

G5 Drinking Water System

Hot Stuff Boiling Tap

Save Time With Instant Boiling Water

Now one in five homes has an instant boiling water tap in their kitchen Our Hot Stuff Tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and gives you filtered hot, cold and boiling water and our under-sink heater fits neatly under your sink.

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Only £919

Save Up To £200 On Detergents

Watch the video to see how Freshmax is compatible with all washing machine types and installed in under an hour.The unit that saves you £200 a year on detergents and leaves your clothes feeling softer for longer

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Only £349

Gold Series Fresh Max

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