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Loving it.

  • Just had our water softener fitted and cannot fault the communication or the engineer who turned up at my property.

    Steve Waller , Sittingbourne

    I installed a water softener and drinking water filter last August. The products do exactly as they say on the tin, great drinking water, lovely soft water in our bathrooms, no limescale deposits on the showers and noticeably better children's skin. EWT have been reliable and professional, follow up support has been excellent, we recently had our first service and the engineer was on time and courteous. I am more than happy to endorse and recommend EWT.

    Toby Berryman , Hove

    Really pleased with the new Gold Series water softener from EWT. Already notice the difference after only a few days. Installation was not a problem with the engineer being very helpful and taking care with the install was as we wanted.

    Kevin Basson , Gravesend

    Engineer was really great and personable as his knowledge and skills enabled an excellent fitting which at times I thought would not be possible. The changes were noticeable immediately in the kitchen, shower and washing machine. Just wish I had bought it years ago.

    David Clay , Lowestoft

    Ths customer service of this company is extremely poor. We had a fault connection which flooded the entier ground floor of the house. It took us a number of calls and multiple follow ups and I still do not see any help coming in. Will not recommend to anyone.

    Varun Upadhya , Croxley Green

    23/12/2013 Really first class service. Contacted EWT on Tuesday 17th December and had the water softener fitted and working by Friday 20th. Very quick installation by a very efficient engineer. No mess No fuss and No disruption. Now enjoying the benefits and already after only 3 days the kettle is almost free of limescale! Many thanks

    Stan Unwin , Sleaford, Lincoln

    Within a few days of installation my wife was commenting most favourably on the lack of lime scale on our Shower Doors. It has continued to impress a year later.

    Jeff Bond , Waterloville

    After the failure of the bearings in yet another washing machine due to hard water, I decided that this was the time to have a water softener installed before buying the replacement machine. EWT have provided us with excellent customer service throughout from my initial enquiry through to completing the installation on the agreed date. It is obvious in the washing machine as no hard water marks are being left behind after washes. I would recommend EWT, and I certainly wish I had made the decision earlier...

    Alan Porter , Orpington

    What service!And what a chaming engineer who was prompt polite and very very efficient.No disruption and no mess.The engineer knew exactly what needed to be done and answered all our questions

    christine balchin , Shipdham Thetford

    Very pleased no more water stains

    David Marshall , Stafford

    This product has already made a difference in the short time we had had this. A great solution and a great team.

    Nick Rathod , North View, Pinner

    09/10/2013 When I spoke to your sales person on the phone, I honestly thought it all seemed to good to be true. No need for a salesman/site engineer to call beforehand; an unbelievable price that had no hidden costs; the promise of soft water, after so many years of suffering the horrible effects of very hard water - and straight away?! ..... Well, it IS all true! We wish we had had a softener fitted 20 years ago, and the filtered water tap - which was free - saves so much time and money.

    Humphreys , Berkshire, South East England

    We have had our EWT gold series water softener installed for a year now and have really noticed the benefits in all aspects of appliances, water quality and personal benefits

    Sarah Linkins , ASHFORD

    It has been approximately 4 weeks since we had a water softener installed and we must say it is one of the best decisions we have made. There has been a distinct improvement in the feel and quality of our water. I wish I had done it many years ago, but the one thing that put us off was the price. That is until we saw the advert from EWT. We were still a little uncertain as the advertised cost was almost half of previous quotes we received. However, we did not need to worry as the price quoted is correct. Right from our first telephone call to the fitter leaving our house the process was excellent. I cannot fault the quality of the product, installation and service we have received. In addition we also now have superb filtered drinking water. Thank you very much.

    David kendall , whitstable

    The water has been very good since I have had my EWT softener installed. I have noticed there to be no more limescale build up in the Kettle, taps, sink and shower and my dishwasher seems to be making my dishes a lot cleaner and shinier. We have both noticed that our hair is a lot softer after showering and are very happy with how the softener was installed. The customer service shown was faultless and I would happily recommend them.

    John Thomas, , Grosvenor Road, Ashford

    I had my EWT softener installed about six weeks ago and i am very pleased with results, it does everything you said it would the lime scale is no longer there everything is so clean and bright, I totaally agree with comments from other customers. My machine is excellent. I have recommended this softener to other people.

    Alan White , The Pantiles, Bexleyheath

    Ever since the install we have been really enjoying the softwater, its really helped with my kids dry skin.Would really recommend this for anyone wanting to get a softwater system installed. EWT Customer service has also been top class, just like their water system.

    Azair Ishaque , LUTON

    Very glad we decided to install the EWT Gold Seriesr as the whole house benefits from soft water and my skin is not as dry as it was before. Now just waiting for the limescale deposits in the water system to dissolve.The installer was great and installed the system in no time.

    jack patel , hounslow

    We have our water softener installed for almost a year and the difference is amazing. The water is soft to shower in and makes a noticeably different taste to tea. There is no more limescale around my taps and showers saving us time cleaning and putting an end to the need for limescale removers. I can only imagine the good it is doing for my electrical goods.

    Richard Shaw, Herne Bay , Kent

    03/12/2013 I had the system fitted 4 weeks ago. Living in a very hard water area I had some doubts about the claims made. In 4 weeks I have seen a dramatic change in the water quality both in general use and drinking water. An example would be the kettle. We cleaned this every month for lime scale, but since fitting it is as clear and clean as it it were new. I use less water softener and have noticed a dramatic improvement in the laundry and washer. All in all a sound purchase which I can easily recommend to anyone.

    Bob Nesbit , Station Road, Minety

    As I read in couple of reviews, customer service is a joke. Had the system installed last week and it has caused the water leak which flooded the kitchen. When tried to call the customer service on Saturday the response was to send an email to the person if it is an emergency. After sending an email there is no response for 2 days. Had to call emergency plumber to get this fixed. Considering my experience wouldn't definitely recommend it to any other even though if the system is effective with this kind of service it would be pathetic.

    SREENIVAS , Basingstoke

    We are really pleased with water softener we are using for more than 3 years now and the annual service from EWT. We used to filter the drinking water with other filter machine before and no longer do that since have the water softener. No doubt the quality of our drinking water is far more better than before.

    CZe Yee , Orpington

    We noticed straight away that only half the amount of Persil liquid was needed for the washing machine. A lot less washing up liquid was needed also.

    George Fuller , Avenue Gardens, Margate

    First of all, the installation went very smoothly. The engineer was very friendly and certainly didn't rush the work. Even after just a few days, I couldn't believe how much cleaner the worktop in the kitchen was; it shined and I could actually see a reflection in it for the first time ever! The shower is much the same; before the softener, I was having to do a thorough clean at least once a week - after a year of having the water softener installed, I've probably had to clean it a couple of times and have never had the shower head block. The water actually feels softer too and with the filter they installed under the sink, even London water is palletable. I've happily recomended them to friends too.

    Dominic Raywood , Stratford

    06/10/2014 First of all my sincere apologies for the delay in sending this email. I wont't bore you with all the details but changing from Virgin to BT has been a nightmare!! However, we could not be more pleased with our softener. The very first indication of improvement was our kettle! Usually within a day or so of cleaning the lime scale away, we could see the issue cropping up again. With EWT's unit this did not happen and has still not occured! Hooray! Next was showering,wow, what a difference the softener has made! In a nutshell, we could not be more pleased so many thanks for all your help and installation. On this last point,I really must compliment your engineer, he was so helpful in everything during the installing on the OUTSIDE of our house. Very many thanks to all at ewt for your expertise. Regarda David Sandford

    David Sandford , Kettering, Nuneaton

    Noticed the difference within days. I can clean the shower screen and now it doesn't get marks after the first shower. Amazingly enough the water appears hotter without amending the boiler settings AND I use half the amount of shampoo, soap, detergent etc. My hair and skin are softer. So many benefits I wish we'd got a water softener years ago. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and the engineer was polite and super efficient. Great product and great company to deal with.

    Chris Warner , Bedingham

    07/10/2013 It's been amazing since installation. The technician was good , he explained everything about it. Big difference in cleaning the bathroom as less grime, also my itchy dry skin is so much better with the softened water.

    Olu Adenugba , Tregony road, Orpington

    We have had EWT 606 Gold Series water softener installed a few months ago and have been since noticing many differences this has made: no more hard scale on our taps and tiles, easy use of soap, no dry skin and less build up of limescale in our kettle. We don't have to buy so many cleaning products now either! We would certainly recommend this product to anyone with hard water problems. Thanks EWT!

    Mark Darby , Hellesdon

    I have know had the water sofner for just over 18 months and quite honestly think to myself why I didn't get one many years ago. It's absolutley fantastc, no scale on our new shower, bath/basin taps,kitchen sink, kettle etc. I would strongle reccomend it. The service that goes with it is just as good.

    MR SIAN , Chipping Sodbury

    had a water softener system and a drinking water filter fitted just a few weeks ago and already noticed a great difference lime scale already reducing all round the house and it when it was fitted the engineer was very quick and efficient no mess very helpful the area we live in has very hard water

    masters , tilbury
  • I have recently had an EWT Water Softener fitted following a recommendation from a friend. From the first phone call from EWT through to the install, I have been impressed by the service and the staff. The install was a challenge for the engineer due to the cramped space and restricted access to the pipework, but he was able to install the unit succesfully, with neat pipework and no leaks. The addition of a filtered drinking tap was a bonus. The softener itself makes an instant difference - everything that people say about softened water is instantly noticable, especially showering / washing and no more limescale residue on bathroom taps, shower screen etc. I am looking forward to enjoying the longer term benefits of the softener in terms of my appliances, boiler etc. I would heartily recommend EWT - a lot of bigger companies have a lot to learn from the way they operate!

    Michael Webster , West Wickham

    Had our softener just over a year and no problems! Love the compact size - only takes up half a cupboard unlike others - and the difference in water quality is fantastic - highly recommended.

    Kathryn Moore , Great Ashfield

    We have had our EWT softener a year now and we are very satisfied with its operation and complete lack of limescale on the shower door, shower head, taps, tiles and bath. We have not had to touch it other than to top up the salt from time to time. The water also leaves your hair silky and smooth after a shower.

    Steven Marshall , Maidstone

    Had a water filter fitted in November really pleased with it water is so soft and my skin feels better.

    Linda Betts , soth east

    Water is very hard in our area. but after installing Gold Series water softener from EWT, we can really feel the difference in the water. there is no more limescale in our water anymore. very good product. highly recommended. real value for money.

    JAYDEEP PATEL , Watford

    18/03/2014: Within 24 hours of installation, we can already see the difference. The taps don't have water stains anymore, we are using a minute amount of shampoo and detergents, and skin and hair feel silky! The installer was delightful to work with and explained everything! We have already recommended EWT to our friends!

    Davina Greenspan , Harcourt Road, Bushey

    I have now had my EWT Gold Series system installed in for a year, apart from the immediate difference you see with soft water over time the limescale build around the taps and shower cable is gone as well.

    Bhavesh Dhokia , Harrow

    Thank you very much for the instalation at PEMBROKEHOUSE,and the engineer was great.

    John Chambers , me7 4bs

    Honestly I'm not happy with the way work done at my home. I'm very disappointed the way EWT plumber carried out, raise a complaint about this and requested to refund the money I paid for this work.rnrnAt the end, I asked his why the leaking happening from initial installation (before that week they installed the softener and some leaks, EWT plumber told me that first guy who came to install the equipment didn't done the correctly (fix the small part other way around) that caused the leak from hard water to softener (where the first leak). rnrnAs a part of this leak fix, they replaced the kitchen tap (they leaks during initial setup) but the guy who came my home all day swearing his management why they accepted the job. I never seen any plumber like this. EWT sales team work hard to bring customer but if the workers are like these plumber (who attended my home), don't respect your own staff and no respect with customer at site... because of these guys, your brand (EWT) value will go down and personally no one recommend your company just because of these guys.rnrnAt the no, he fixed the kitchen tap otherway around (wrong side controls)., I'm not happy with this EWT installation and I don't recommend anyone to got Heath the installation with them.

    Suresh , Sidcup

    We have now had our EWTwater softener for 2 years, we did a review when it was first installed saying how good the installation team were, we'd never had such clean workers in our house and they turned up exactly on time too, after 2 years were still just as pleased with the softener, it works so well, and the customer service is excellent, were due our second annual service soon and know the engineer will be excellent if past experience is anything to go by. We'd recommend EWT to everybody.

    Irene Edwards , Frimley

    02/12/2013 Just wanted to say how pleased and delighted we are with the water softener installed recently by the EWT Engineer. What a very nice young man. The results to date have been magic, a gleaming stainless steel sink unit, a lovely clean shower unit. Less powder in the washing machine and clean taps, marvelous. All that you claimed would happen. Many thanks. Harry and Valerie Spencer.

    Harry Spencer , Cuffley, Hertfordshire

    I had model 500 installed 3 weeks ago and I am absolutely delighted. The initial fit was quite complicated but the installer was incredibly helpful and patient. The added benefit of filtered drinking water means I no longer have to purchase bottled water and I am also saving on soaps and shampoos as with softened water a little goes a long way. Do be aware though that you need space to store the large bags of salt that the machine requires. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to install a water softener as their product and prices represent excellent value.

    Debbie Unerman , Hertfordshire

    Pls do not use ewt technologies, they charged me £50 for engineer visit to check the feasibility .. no one turned up .. called them after few days asking for refund and call from manager explaining what happened .. nothing happens yet .. they the money .. no one came .. no refund .. no apologies .. nothing ..what do you think ?

    Francis , Watform

    03/02/2014: We are absolutely delighted with our water softener - we wish we'd had it installed years ago! After only 3 weeks we've noticed: no more water-stained shower cubicle and taps, no blocked shower head, no furred-up kettle, no more dry skin ... and cleaning is so much easier without having to use expensive limescale-removing products. Fantastic!

    Steve Whitehead , Dowlish Wake, Ilminster

    Had such an easy and hassle free installation with good amount of verbal communication and instructions. Would recommend to friends and family.

    Anjum Tabassum ,

    really pleased with the water softener fitted recently.the fitter was very professional,clean working and very polite,a real nice guy, he cleaned up and left no rubbish at all.since the softener has been fitted the absence of lime scale in our home has been remarkable, the tone of our skins is soft and the effect on our hair is brilliant,softer,shinier,more more film on the stainless in the kitchen a quick wipe and its all gleaming-priceless!.i would recommend anyone in our hardwater area to have one fitted, it,ll transform your lives!.thanks ew.

    paul vandenbos , little chalfont

    Great EWT 606 Gold Series softener easy to install and change salt etc. The customer service is second to none. I'm very happy with my decision all that research paid off. I would highly recommend this product.

    Manji siyani , Harrow

    We have the water softener installed over one year. We have had very good softer water through over the whole house.The shower screen, bath surface are now limescale free. The water is so soft and the filtered drinking water is great. The water is so soft when taking bath or shower. The installation was very quick,and helpful engineer was working very hard to complete on time. I have recommending EWT to my friends.

    Yan Zhang , Dover

    Our water softener is brilliant. We use it to supply humidity to our incubators and it has solved our problems of lime dust clogging our equipment and coating the eggs Thank-you so much Mark Hunt Director Living Eggs

    Mark Hunt , wootton Wawen

    01/12/2013 We've had our water-softener for not quite a month yet, and are VERY SATISFIED...... Beautiful soft water when having a bath! No scum or residue afterwards, so easy to clean the bath...... .......and of course.....the benefits to the plumbing within the house...... BRILLIANT.....


    Brilliant quality of water.

    Tiesha , Blackheath

    I have to say I'm disappointed with this company. The installation was fine but the follow up servicing and customer service just isn't up to scratch at all. The first service after installation the engineer turned up at 8pm when he had a 12-3pm time slot. As I'm writing this I yer again have a 12-3pm time slot and the engineer still hasn't arrived at 5pm. The most annoying thing is that they have your phone numbers but nobody including customer service who I've tried to contact three times today without success feel that they need to keep you in the loop as to what is happening. Most companies now have a policy that they will contact you via phone or text if there engineer is running late, its common courtesy, something I have found twice in a row now that this company simply don't have. I've been waiting well over an hour and a half for customer service to call me back even. I'm the one waiting, not them. Please treat your customers with more respect.

    Toni Halliday , London

    The engineer was prompt polite and very efficient. He knew exactly what needed to be done and answered all our questions. We have had it for a few months now and have noticed a big difference in the water quality. Our taps are always shiny and clean. We love the silky feel of our shower water and the taste of the drinking water.

    Mr Vikash Naik , Ilford

    I am really impressed and happy with my water softener. After taking showers, there are no typical water marks and lines. Loving the free drinking filtered tap water too. Can't recommend EWT enough. From my first dealing with them, especially Dara, the friendliness, helpfulness and after service care is amazing. 10/10 !!!

    Wha-Choul Lee , Cambridge

    I had my EWT water softener installed 3 weeks ago and I would say the results were noticeable immediately. I suffered from dry skin before but it has improved considerably in such a short time. We also have a drinking tap which is great for making my childs bottle and great for me as it taste great too! I was very pleased with the service we recieved from EWT who couldn't have been more helpful.

    Nicola Spencer , Sevenoaks

    Woorks fine and already lime scale going from taps etc. Find the adjustment panel a bit ifficult but due to my age and eyesight. Wish I had installed it years ago. M J Brown

    M J Brown , Spalding

    Having moved into a brand new home we decided that installing a water softener would be a good idea. We had the system installed over a month ago and what a difference it has made. No more build up of lime scale in our kettle or around the taps. So much easier to clean the glass shower cubicle and saving money on cleaning products. Delighted with the service from EWT and with their Gold Series Water Softener.

    Jane Williams , Fleet

    14/5/14 Had my system installed on 19th April by an EWT engineer( very nice guy). Everything went nice and smoothly and it was up and running in about 3 hours from his arrival. With just over 3 weeks gone since installation all I can say is I only wish I had done it sooner. All the claims made on the website seem to be true. The water coming out of the shower head feels silky smooth, using less detergents in our washing machine etc, and having had a new boiler installed about 2 years ago am hoping that any limescale build up will go in a period of time to make even better energy savings for us. The drinking water tap fitted is really nice if you just want a glass of water, like having a Britta filter on tap. But the good thing is that the softened water tap is still great for making tea or coffee with absolutely no taste difference at all as far as I can tell. I can happily endorse this product and company after putting it off for far to long.

    Norman Whitlock , Essex

    18/02/2014: We have had our water softener installed for 8 months now and the whole family are loving the softness in the water when we have a bath or shower. Best investment we ever made. Thank you.

    Morag , cornwallis avenue

    I had the water softener and drinking system installed a couple of months ago and there is a noticeable difference in the build up of limescale. Cleaning the shower screen is easy again! The free drinking water system is very good. The engineer had to travel from the South East but was friendly, professional and courteous throughout. Would definately recommend.

    Paul Harcombe , Goldfinch Road, Melksham
  • Had an emergency with my water softener this morning. Called up EWT and spoke to Ryan who sorted out an engineer the same day. Really impressed and really glad I have the service plan which keeps my softener in top-top condition. Well done EWT.

    Stewart , Watford

    We have had our water softener for a little over 1 month and what an amazing difference this water softener has made to us. The shower screen is like new. We are now limescale free, and what a difference to my kettle. Love the free drinking water tap and filter you fitted. The installation was quick, with no mess and a very polite and helpful engineer completed the work in no time. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to everyone. Your service is second to none. I now wonder why we waited so long to have this done, dont hesitate, if you live in a hard water area, get it done today and notice the different almost immediately. Thank you EWT, worth every penny.

    Gerry Anderson , Luton

    We had our water softener installed nearly a year now and it has really made a difference. Our taps in the kitchen/bathroom are not easily limescale and our toilet cistern which keeps breaking down before we had the water softener is now working great. Thanks. Kim

    Kim Tu , Docklands

    I've had my EWT water softener installed a short while now but I can say I noticed the difference immediately. I have noticed the kettle is descaling, and my taps are staying free of limescale but the main thing I noticed was how amazing my shower has been! My skin feels far softer after washing, I have had to alter how much shampoo's and body wash I was using as the water is so much softer and lathers up really easily!

    Michael Joyce , Christ Church Road, Ashford

    We are happy with the service received. The engineer was thorough and efficient.

    Angela Drakes , Hunstanton

    Since being fitted in 2013 all the hard water has gone, no more limescale in the shower or hard water spots in the kettles. Highly recommend the machine as it has done wonders for us.

    Darren , Croydon

    This is a great product and definitely value for money. The engineer who came around for installation was very efficient and friendly. Having the water softener has already started to demonstrate its benefits. Few of them that we are already seeing within 2 weeks 1. No more limescale in the kettle and stops us worrying about having to do the vinegar treatment every 3 days. 2.The regular shower cubicle scrubbing due to watermarks has gone. 3. The dryness in the skin has greatly reduced 4. The dishes from the dishwasher now sparkles and seems like from a new dishwasher. 5. No more spots near the washbasins and kitchen sink. Not sure how we managed without it until now :) Greatly recommend this product both for quality and price.

    Sharath Shetty , St. Angnells Lane, Hemel Hempstead

    16/12/2014: New water softener fitted November 2013. Engineer very efficient, helpful and courteous. I have noticed the difference in my tap water already. Less limescale on surfaces and appliances and the water feels softer. I would recommend EWT to any of my friends.

    loraine wheeler , Wallingford, Oxford

    Dear EWT, Thank you for the service you provide, however I would like to state that I have been with you for over two years. You all installed my water softener system.I have had my second servicing since I have been with you on 9/11/15. Before this I felt that the water was not actually very soft and even after I mentioned to the person who installed it as well as the first person who serviced it, because the test result came back as soft my concerns were not taken on board. However I still saw the build up of limescale in the bath and around the kitchen sink. Only after showing this to your last engineer some adjustment was made and I can feel the difference in the water. A sure sign is that soap takes a bit longer to wash off. I am just a bit disappointed that it took so long.

    R Sharma , Watford

    We moved into our new park home in august and had our water softener fitted straight away, we are more than pleased with it no more scum in the bath or wash basins, I would recommend a water softener to all my friends I would not want to be without it.The engineer was very pleasant and knew his job very satisfied customer.

    PAT BROWN , Willow Drive, Kewstoke, Weston Super Mare

    The watersoftner wasn't performing to its capacity as we had to constantly scrub our bathrooms. While the product might be OK - customer services is a case of hit and miss. To begin with they have my name wrong - called me Suhar instead of Suhas, in spite of reminding several times. They have a wrong address for us (in spite of informing of the move and they installing the new softner at the new place) They were meant to send in a enginner for annual service on 9.12 instead he turns up on 10.12 and at the wrong address then is in a real rush to finish off the service and take our cash!! Will not be recommending this to anyone else and customer service are reluntant to send someone over even in warranty period unless you are willing to pay for a service!!!

    Suhas , Langley, Slough

    We are extremely satisfied with the product and this has brought a big change in our daily life.

    Vineeta , Welling

    I've had the EWT water system installed about a month ago, and I can already feel the benefits of the soft water. The installation was completed without any mess. The engineer had good product knowledge and was very helpful.

    Sandip Kataria , Borehamwood

    The engineer arrived at the scheduled appointment slot and installed the unit in no time at all, with very little disruption. He was extremely polite, efficient and tidy. He explained everything in easy to understand terms with no jargon. The unit itself is very neat and compact and started doing to job immediately. Absolutely delighted with the service from beginning to end - nice to deal with an efficient company.

    Brian Beal , Glenfield Drive, Hull

    05/10/2013 We have had our water softener for a little over 1 month and what an amazing difference this water softener has made to us. The shower screen is like new. We are now linescale free, and what a difference to my kettle. Love the drinking water tap you fitted. The installation was quick, with no mess and a very polite and helpful engineer completed the work in no time. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to everyone. Your service is second to none. I now wonder why we waited so long to have this done, dont hesitate, if you live in a hard water area, get it done today and notice the different almost immediately. Thank you EWT, worth every penny.

    Geraldine Anderson , Luton, Bedfordshire

    From the first contact telephone conversation to installation of my Gold IQ metered softener your whole company is a credit to Great Britain, the product works perfectly & fulfills every claim you make. We are now 1 month in & the condition of our sinks, bathroom & central heating system look & operate like new. within 7 days I had to turn down the hot water temperature as we couldn't put our hands under it. If only all companies & products were as trustworthy as yours. It just leaves me to say I have & will continue to promote the water softener to friends & family. Thank you.

    keith Humphreys , Long Catils Road, Gillingham, Kent

    My in-laws had their system installed by EWT last year and raved about the product, so we had ours installed last week. The very friendly and helpful engineer arrived to install it, he took an hour to do everything and only went in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen, he didn't go into the loft or airing cupboard or anywhere else in the house. I left them to it and the area was immaculate when i returned to it. No fuss, fast install, no mess! The system is now beginning to work and we can tell the difference. I wish we'd decided to do it sooner. Many thanks.

    Sandie Dennis , Lavender Close, Bromley

    Dear All, We are very Happy with EWT water softener. They are very flexible and helpful. We are very happy with our product and will recommend others.

    Soma Das , Langley

    I have reported for the THIRD time that my water softener unit is broken. Every time I am promised a call back to arrange a service call and not once has this been honoured. The unit stopped working within warranty period. I was fobbed off with the water bridging explanation, which did not fix the problem. A plumber working elsewhere in the house tested the unit and found there is no power in the unit. I am absolutely appalled and furious at EWT's lack of professionalism and total lack of interest in fixing this. Review? POOR PRODUCT AND DREADFUL SERVICE. I am STILL WAITING.

    Morag Joss , St Mary Bourne

    After 4 months of a constant leaking valve due to a faulty install, we are reaping the benefits. Of course, when we shared the cost burden with EWT we were offered a nominal amount (about 50%). Following our rejection of their nominal offer, all communication has since ceased. I imagine this wont be published but if I could have a response to the detailed and water bill laden email previously sent it would be appreciated. If not, buyer beware as faulty workmanship or product performance is not 'truly guaranteed'!

    Simon Williamson , Debenham

    A great product .we noticed the differance within weeks.Installed to a very high standard.

    paul adkins , St Mildred Avenue, Broadstairs

    First class product, service and company!! I would have no hesitation in recommending EWT and their products to everyone out there. From my first telephone call to meeting the engineer who fitted our softener the customer care was top drawer. Our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener is amazing and makes me only wish that we had had it fitted years ago. Thank you EWT for excellent customer care and a superb product at good value for money. Ricky Valks

    Ricky Valks , Chelmsford

    We've had our EWT Gold Series water softener for over 3 weeks now and all working beautifully well. My drinking water is now crystal clear and actually tastes much better! My bathing experience is a treat now and my skin is never tight or dry anymore. Frizzy and dry hair are a thing of the past. Every woman's dream come true! My friends have commented on the water quality before I even mentioned I had a softener installed. Best investment I have ever made for sure! Its like bringing the Highlands to Essex :) Thank you. Yours Forever looking younger, Ms Sultana

    Ms Sultana , Chafford Hundred

    We had our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener installed 3 months ago. The improvements are as the literature and sales/customer services teams report. We had a lime scale problem, that has now gone and I'm spending half the time cleaning the kitchen/bathroom! We used to get blocked kitchen and bathroom sinks, that problem has now gone! We use less soap, hair products and washing up liquid, this saving us money. Our skin is softer. This is all because we have a water softener! We highly recommend getting a water softener and wished we had got one sooner.

    Tracy Paddington , Sevenoaks

    Polite and efficient engineers completed the installation in an hour. The difference in water quality was noticeable within 24 hours. Dishwasher and shower now scale free. Excellent.

    Don Edwards , Hughes Stanton Way, Manningtree, Essex

    After about two weeks of use, I have been amazed to find that the toilet cisterns, hitherto heavily lime encrusted, are now completely clear, as is the loft tank. Showers are a pleasure, leaving the skin soft and supple. Much less detergent is being used and of course no need for dishwasher regeneration programmes. Tomas, the installation technician, was a text book example of how to handle customers. Polite, clean working, patient with explanations and FAST. The installation was a bit cramped and "fussy" but nevertheless, it took him not much more than a couple of hours to complete. A couple of days after installation, I had occasion to raise a few points which had occurred to me. The email was answered within a day, with a comprehensive explanation and even a movie, illustrating one particular point. EWT is a shining example of good governance and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

    John Campbell , Swaffham

    28/4/14 We found the engineer to be very professional, polite and tidy in his We had EWT Gold Series water softener installed on 26th February. In 8 weeks we can already notice the improvement in water quality. There is no lime scale forming around the sink & taps, glass shower screens and all other appliances. Even our hair and skin feels softer using less shampoo and shower gel. From the day I enquired about the product the office staff have been very informative and helpful.workmanship. Since our installation two of my friends and my son's place have had the EWT water softener installed. I would highly recommend using this company's water softener.

    Kishorbhai Patel , Croxley Green

    I had the gold softener installed 4 weeks back. Unfortunately it has not made any difference. Still see lime scales on the tap, shower screen, etc. Did a test with the tester EWT engineer provided during the installation, and it showed the water is still hard. Spoke to customer services, they have sent me a video link to try out before an engineer is sent out which I think is not a great customer service asking the customer to try out the trouble shooting as a process of elimination. The salt has not been used up at all, hardly 20% used up in almost 4 weeks. Hopefully, their video provides sufficient information to find out the issue. But would have been helpful if an engineer was sent out to find the fault/issue. Had left few messages to call back when I reported the issue for the first time with the customer service, but had no call backs.

    Ganesh Kavassery , STAINES-UPON-THAMES

    23/01/2014: Quickly and efficiently installed. Immediately we had better lather for hair-washing and washing machine, no lime-scale dregs in coffee cups anymore and lovely drinking water. We live in an area with very serious lime-scale problems, but the EWT system has made this problem a thing of the past.

    JIm Cassidy , Elm, Wisbech

    We had installation recently and was very pleased with the service. We find that our skin now feels different and the housework much reduced saving time and effort cleaning water marks and stains from surfaces. Very pleased so far and have referred to others.

    Marion May , Harrow
  • An excellent product, expertly fitted and a fair price.

    Geoff vodden , Old woking

    my wife and I purchased the EWT water softner. Contacting the company to arrange an install date was easy, fast and efficient and Amy who handled my request was polite, professional and efficient. So to was the engineer who came and completed the installation. Both are a credit to the organisation and I'd like to see their service and professionalism acknowledged internally. So far, we are realy pleased with the decision to purchase the EWT system and have no hesitation in referring family, friends or colleagues to your business. Regards Scott Graske

    Scott Graske , Turners Drive, High Wycombe

    Great product, but doesn\'t come with any salt - not told this when you order. They also recommend a service plan.\r\nWhen 12 month service due communication is poor. The text number they use won\'t accept calls and despite requesting an engineer as first call at 15:00 and now still no show at 17:00. \r\n\r\nWhen installation appointment booked at 15:00 eventual arrival was after 18:00.\r\nVery disappointed with customer service.

    Martin Hamblin , Enfield

    16th October 2013 Since having our water softener installed 4 weeks ago we have already noticed the difference in the quality of the water and the change in limescale around our appliances. We were buying kettles every six months but haven't noticed any limescale over the last four weeks. Our hair and skin feels softer and we use less shampoo and shower gel when showering, also there is no build up of limescale on our glass shower screens, they are now much easier to clean . We were very pleased with the service we received from EWT, the engineers were reliable, knowledgeable and helpful and the price was excellent. If you are thinking about purchasing a Water softener we would recommend EWT every time for great quality and service.

    John Wanstall , Ashford

    It has been a year since I had the EWT GOLD Series water softener installed. Works fine, no scale. Great engineer, happy with it so far.

    Mohamed , Croxley Green

    I cannot fault the Water Softener I have installed in my home. Since installed, the product has made huge difference to my home and the water feels so much better. I highly recommend this product.

    Keith Stuart , Finstead road, Erith

    Had EWT 606 Gold Series softener for 10 months now and working and softening very well .. EWT give excellent service and can wholeheartedly recommend

    Mark collins , Coates

    We have had the softener that was swiftly fitted by EW since last November. It is all they said it was and easy to refill. Our taps, shower and kettle are the most evident proof followed by the dishwasher and washing machine. Cleaning the car is easier and there is less worry about the water marks that were left on it beforehand. Martin

    Martin Cullimore , Waterlooville

    11/3/14 From the outset it has been one of the easiest, most stress-free and friendliest services that I have ever encountered. I just wanted to say a big thank you for installing the water softener in my property. It has only been 2 weeks and me and my family have noticed the difference and are thrilled with the results. I am encouraging my friends and family in the SE to get this installed in their houses too. Thanks again! Seema, Brombley, Kent

    Seema B , Orpington, Bromley

    We had our water softener installed over a year ago now and were very impressed with both the service and the price. The only problem is remembering to fill it up with salt periodically, but I am training the husband to do that!! Highly recommended.

    Susan Parkins , Willersly Avenue, Sidcup, Kent

    I am really pleased with my water softener, there is no more limescale build up around the taps and in the kettle and the shower cubicle is much easier to keep clean. The fitter and the after sales people have been first rate,I would recommend them and EWT water softeners to anyone

    Nigel Woodvine , Atkinson Road, Folkestone

    Very good service from the engineer, the product does what it says on the tin. Great improvements in skin.

    Rajesh , Croydon

    15/03/2014: Excellent service and fitting. Arrived at the job at arranged time and fitted the water softener with no problems or mess.The difference is amazing. We have not has to buy shampoo, conditioner, washing liquid , washing powder or toothpaste since it was fitted over 2 weeks ago as everything lasts so much longer. The car looks great when washed with no streaks as the lime as been removed. So many benefits that I cannot list them all. Brian

    brian chidlow , Alton Grove, Newport

    I've now had the EWT Gold Series water softner for more than 3 months. The installer was very friendly and helpful. Completed the installation fairly quickly, and to our satisfaction. As the contents of our large Megaflow tank were slowly replaced by the soft water, we started seeing the benefits. After bath, our skin and hair started feeling much smoother than before. Our soap and shampoo utilisation had gone down significantly. The shower glass started staying clean for a long time, without any limescale deposits on it. So our cleaning costs have gone down as well. The clean water drinking system is quite good as well and keeps supplying us with pure drinking water. Well pleased, and one of our friends had already got this system installed after hearing our experience. Highly recommended.

    Narayana Kondreddi , Laindon

    Very pleased with the way my initial call was handled and all follow up queries I had after that to find out which product was best for my needs. The installation was simple and straight forward and we have really noticed a difference in the cleanliness of the shower and sinks. We are also using reduced amounts of cleansing products in our daily routine. I would recommend anyone living in a hard water area to get one fitted now.

    David Giles , Hamstreet

    We had our water softener fitted two days ago by Chris a brilliant engineer and Alax a trainee. Chris was the most patient of tutors to Alax, and he in turn was extremely keen to learn, so you have a good engineer in the making! Both young men were so pleasant and helpful and the job was done so efficiently, and without any fuss. Already we have noticed the scaling in our kettle disappearing, and the drinking water tastes so good. We would recommend your firm anytime. Rosemary Nutley

    Rosemary Nutley , Poole

    Having been let down by our original plumber over the fitting of a water softener bought through the internet, we saw your advertisement in the Daily Mirror and contacted you. We were very happy with the service that we received from your plumbers and are now experiencing the benefit of soft water. Lovely soft hair and skin and even the sink feels soft!! Altogether a very good service and one which we would have no hesitation of recommending. Thank you for a job well done.

    Alan and Deborah Tanner , Blackwell Avenue, Guildford, Surrey

    06/12/2014 We had our EWT water softener installed on 12Nov 2013, & was amazed by the immediate difference in the 'feel' of the water. I recommended you to a neighbor, who was equally impressed & will be having the system installed in his new home in 2014. The EWT representative, was really pleasant & explained everything I needed to know, which put me totally at ease. Thank you EWT for making my life easier. Sue Senior. Park Rd, Hampton Wick. Surrey.

    Sue Senior , Hampton Wick, Surrey

    I had my water softener installed last summer and I am very pleased that I did. The whole installation was quick, efficient and not disruptive at all. I no longer have limescale in my bathroom, around the taps, on the draining board in the kitchen or on my glassware. My skin is liking it too and I no longer have problems with dry skin and eczema. I use less shampoo and other products too. The drinking water is lovely and I have saved so much money not buying bottled water. I am however, upset with the administration side, having been trying to set up a direct debit for the maintenance/aftercare and service, since the autumn 2014, the company still have not managed to take a direct debit which effectively means I am not 'covered'.

    Sandy Tester , West Sussex

    Had our installation, mid Dec 2014. Definitely a difference in the water as we are beginning to use less soap everywhere. What I like most is the filtered drinking water system-the water is so good, it has increase my water intake which is definitely good for my health. A big thank you to the engineer who was very friendly and obviously is not a cowboy and knows his job. Another plus for the company- friendly customer service , even when the receptionist could not help, she was polite in taking the details and promised a call back. However, I am still not convinced about the cost- I was told a bag of salt will last 2 months but it seems it will last only a month! I will also like to know how to gauge the quantity of salt being used in order to be able to plan for the replacement. Thank you all.

    Dr Grace Macaulay , Cambridge

    I am very happy with the installation. It was done very professionally. The place was left nice and clean. And I can see the difference in the quality of water. I will recommend ewt to anyone. It has really made a difference. Thank you

    M bhatt , Tooting

    I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am very pleased. Already my lovely new kettle is cleaner, and I have to remember to be more careful in the bath as it's more slippery!! Bye bye Brita filter jug..! The engineer was really helpful, friendly and the service was first class. Can't understand why I waited so long..My skin is better too...

    Keith Hawthorn , I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am

    Great service from start to finish, great product really pleased with it and should have had one fitted a long time ago it is so worth it. So much less cleaning, never been a fan of water unless it was tea but i'm drinking lots now which is benefiting my health and your skin feels so much better great product. The engineer was brilliant, arrived on time, worked straight through, no damage at all and even fitted the whole product without cutting any holes in the cupboard. Great job. He fully explained the unit, demonstrated it and said there was no problem in calling if I had the least little concern. So far no issues and very please with all element of the service and the product

    Rick Skinner , Slade Green

    Excellent service, was explained in detail of the process and also the job was done Neatly!! :) we can see the difference in the water already..


    15/5/14 We had our water conditioner installed at the end of January 2014 and we are very happy with it and thankful we went ahead and did something about our limescale problem. We were having a particular problem in our main shower and, as the installer said, it would take a few months for the build up of lime to clear but it has and we now can take stress free showers which is always a pleasure! I am also doing a lot less cleaning due to water marks, yet another bonus.

    Jennifer Cave , Ware

    Had a softener for some years from another company and it was fine. Eventually (after about 15 years) it gave up and we could not afford to replace it at the time. Had your softener now for about 5 weeks......... AND realised what we've been missing. I don't have to "scrub" the bath clean, and our new washing machine will never know what it's like to work with hard water. Also, Ollie's (my wife) Excema has almost disappeared again, after getting quite bad in recent years. I know you cannot make "Medical Claims" for soft water, but believe me, there is no other explanation for the improvement. Have even reduced from 'Three pins out' to Two, so very economical on salt. Thanks EW.

    Trevor Lidbury , Mansfield

    My life has changed! No more ten minute clean up after a shower.No white greasy film in the washbasins,build up of lime crust on and around taps,encrusted lime in toilet bowl.All have disappeared like magic with very little effort and a great big smile. As for washing up----just a few drops of washing up liquid,taps surround and draining board sparkling with just a wipe. Washing powder/liquid usage minimal and soft towels at last. What I can see pleases me but what I cannot see pleases me even more. The thought that my washing machine ,central heating and general pipework are having a spring clean is reassuring. My husband was not keen on the idea of a water softener--but then as a man who doesn't do the housework I could understand his thinking. It looks as if a skin condition he suffers (without medical remedy) may well be improving and I await the outcome and hopefully convince him of the true value of this installation.

    Mrs Ann Tubb , The Green, Witney, Oxfordshire

    we have installed our water filter in may last eight months there is a big change in our water quality, there is no lime scale on any tabs, tea kettle,dish washer gives crystle clear dishes glasses. we use very less washingup liquid, less cleaning products. big savings. ewt engineer has done very good job installing under the sink in avery limited space. i personally recommend EWT for the water filter.

    Harshad patel , kingston upon thames

    Amazing water softener from EWT less cleaning work using less detergents for washing and skin for the whole family after bathing or showering feels great.

    A Spall , Chigwell

    My wife and I are really delighted with the improvement to our water supply which was so hard. Also for the polite and efficient service we have received. We are pleased to be able to recommend EWT to our friends. Thank you.

    Christopher Hicks , Stourton Park, Trowbridge