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Loving it.

  • Very good service from the engineer, the product does what it says on the tin. Great improvements in skin.

    Rajesh , Croydon

    I have reported for the THIRD time that my water softener unit is broken. Every time I am promised a call back to arrange a service call and not once has this been honoured. The unit stopped working within warranty period. I was fobbed off with the water bridging explanation, which did not fix the problem. A plumber working elsewhere in the house tested the unit and found there is no power in the unit. I am absolutely appalled and furious at EWT's lack of professionalism and total lack of interest in fixing this. Review? POOR PRODUCT AND DREADFUL SERVICE. I am STILL WAITING.

    Morag Joss , St Mary Bourne

    Just had our first water softener installed by EWT. The engineer was great and made a brilliant job. The water softener has changed our household and lifestyle. Myself and my daughter suffer from mild skin allergies which have now eased since the EWT Gold Series water softener was installed. Apart from the usual positives, sinks/taps/showers all looking cleaner we now enjoy our morning espresso with a lot more cream!!!! Many thanks EWT.

    Stefan Clarkson , Ipswich

    My Water Softener was installed on 31.01.2013, efficiently and quickly, by personable engineers. The effects were soon very noticeable - softer feel to water for washing both in the kitchen and in both showers. During the past 5 months, the change to the general water use in the household appliances, i.e. kettle no longer has a build up of lime scale, the taps throughout the house are always much brighter, the showers are certainly much clearer and of course the washing machine has benefitted. Plus of course, less shampoo needed in the showers and a much lower thermostat setting. All in all, the Water Softener is a welcome addition to the household and a definite must. Thanks EWT

    Peter Tremlin , Sutton

    The whole process was very smooth, with EWT clearly explaining how the Gold Series 606 water softener system worked and what would be suitable for us. Installation was very efficient and the engineer was first class. We are already starting to notice a difference

    andrew gadsby , Wymondham

    We have had our EWT Water Softener for nearly a year & we also had a new bathroom fitted at the same time. The immediate benefit of the soft water showed first when our kettle no longer needed descaling each week & longer term our new bathroom is still shiny new with no evidence of limescale & lovely soft water.We would recommend EWT as installers & found their customer service to be excellent.

    Mrs Tracy Keech , ASHFORD

    We read about EWT water softners in the Metro newspapers and decided to get one. Very impressed by the installation person, who explained everything in details and was very polite and helpful. The installation did not take long. Till now we are very happy with the water softner.

    Mansukh Shah , Lyon Meade

    I really love the water softener fixed recently. I can see changes to my skin - so soft, clothes from washing machine feel soft & easy to iron. notice less use of detergents. love the softness plus the bathroom looks stunning clean & specially glass door + taps. Limescale has cleared too! Love this softener and would recommend anyone

    Vasant Pattni , Harrow , London

    The Water Softener was fitted around 3 weeks ago and I was keen to wait a while before leaving a review. It is difficult to explain what has been the best part of buying the softener. From the initial phone discussion , where useful advice regarding how the device works, the likely installation position, the possible costs etc were given in a non-pressurised manner to the engineer who fitted the unit and the care taken to ensure the very best location and connection to the wart supply, the whole experience has been very good. However the feel of the water is really amazing. I would certainly recommend both having a water softener fitted and dealing with an excellent local company like EWT Technologies. Thank you ...

    Dominic Cole , Tunbridge Wells

    As I read in couple of reviews, customer service is a joke. Had the system installed last week and it has caused the water leak which flooded the kitchen. When tried to call the customer service on Saturday the response was to send an email to the person if it is an emergency. After sending an email there is no response for 2 days. Had to call emergency plumber to get this fixed. Considering my experience wouldn't definitely recommend it to any other even though if the system is effective with this kind of service it would be pathetic.

    SREENIVAS , Basingstoke

    This is our second EWT 606 Gold Series water softener from EWT , We moved house and left the previous softener behind, The engineer installed the new softener with the minimum of fuss and explained the workings of the new one very well. We noticed the difference in the water hardness straight away when washing/ showering.

    Colin Merritt , Margate

    03/03/2014 The Gold Series Softener was installed in August 2013 and I have delayed leaving a review for some months to allow time for any possible problems to arise. Delighted to say none have. Installation was completed efficiently and without fuss and started enjoying the benefits of softened water in the house within a relatively short period of time. Not only is washing and bathing so much nicer and more efficient but I am making significant financial savings on previously purchased bottled drinking water and limescale prevention tablets. I had been toying with the idea of a softener for years without doing anything about it - wish I had done it ages ago now!

    Roger Corkhill , Hythe Road, Ashford

    The engineer fitted the softener unit and drinking water filter in one hour. I could see the difference in water quality. I have noticed that dry skin has disappeared. I am happy with this product and the service. I would like to recommend to my friends. Thanks.

    JUNGLIM OH , hackbridge

    Made a vast amount of difference to this very hard North Norfolk water! The bath and shower stay so much cleaner too. The washing machine heater failed and the repair man could not believe that the element was over a year old-he said it looked like new, so we guess the boiler likes it also!

    Ian Boothby , Aylsham

    Live in a very hard water area and considered/researched which product offered quality, value for money and actually worked. From the first contact with EWT I was dealt with by a very friendly and knowledgeable lady who answered my questions and concerns. Installation was arranged within a few weeks. Received confirmation email with date, time and details of the engineer doing the installation. Engineer arrived early and was thoroughly professional and carried out the required work to a excellent standard, then talked about care and use of the water softener. Almost immediately I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of my water with the limescale stopping overnight, and skin and hair softer after showering. I'm so pleased I made the decision to buy EWT's water softener at a great price, with added drinking water tap and filter and with the peace of mind of a long guarantee. FANTASTIC PRODUCT

    Darren Extance , Swindon

    EWT. I found the company was obliging & very helpful in all depts. what a difference the softner makes,Highly Recommended.

    Mr. B.Locking , Thistledown, Deal, Kent

    Having been let down by our original plumber over the fitting of a water softener bought through the internet, we saw your advertisement in the Daily Mirror and contacted you. We were very happy with the service that we received from your plumbers and are now experiencing the benefit of soft water. Lovely soft hair and skin and even the sink feels soft!! Altogether a very good service and one which we would have no hesitation of recommending. Thank you for a job well done.

    Alan and Deborah Tanner , Blackwell Avenue, Guildford, Surrey

    The whole process from ordering, appointment booking, professional advice, installation and demonstration was fantastic. I just had my EWT 606 Gold Series installed and the benefits are immediate. EWT Installation Team did an excellent job - arrived on time, fantastic job installing the unit and pipe work, explained everything you need to know and answered all my questions. Great product providing fantastic customer service and experience. Thank you.

    Glenn Nethercott ,

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    Oliver Ginty , daf

    14/01/2014 It's been almost a year since we had our water softener installed. The installation was a straightforward process and the installers explained everything as they worked. The reduction in limescale was noticeable immediately and has just got better over time. No more scrubbing and scouring to clean the sink and shower, just a quick wipe and it's done. Descaling the kettle is not required any more and we have fitered drinking water on tap now. No more freshening tablets for the washing machine or dishwasher either and even the filters on the taps have pretty much cleaned themselves. It's the smartest purchase we've made ... just brilliant.

    Dave Mackay , Feltham, Middlesex

    I have now had my EWT Gold Series system installed in for a year, apart from the immediate difference you see with soft water over time the limescale build around the taps and shower cable is gone as well.

    Bhavesh Dhokia , Harrow

    I had my gold series water softener installed last week & it has already made a huge difference to my water supply usage. Water is un believably soft, lighter & much nicer to use. It makes skin really soft, shower gel & soap give plenty of foam. This is some thing I had experienced when on holiday in Cornwall, Devon or Scotland. I am confident to say that you don't need to go to Scotland,Scotland comes to you! It equally has made a big difference to the drinking water due to water filter installation. Water out of the tap taste just as good as mineral water bottles. No more lime scale in the catle & marks on the taps. All in all myself & my family are really happy with the system & I am glad I have made the right choice. Definitely recommend it.

    Zak Kiani , Orpington

    Excellent service from first contact on phone to installation by great engineer, explained everything in layman's terms and carried out work with great care. Have recommended to several friends.

    Ms Sallyann Lloyd , Dereham

    We had the gold series water softener fitted by EWT after having done research on different types water softener manufactures. But I found that theEWT gold series was the best in terms of efficiency and water wastage during regeneration process of the softener . The Engineer was polite and friend and was knowledgeable ,he new what he was doing and installation was done professionally . His workmanship was very good . I have noticed within a few days that the kitchen sink is scale free and there are no water marks left when it's dry.

    Khimji Gajperia , Edgware

    We have had our water softener for a little over 1 month and what an amazing difference this water softener has made to us. The shower screen is like new. We are now limescale free, and what a difference to my kettle. Love the free drinking water tap and filter you fitted. The installation was quick, with no mess and a very polite and helpful engineer completed the work in no time. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to everyone. Your service is second to none. I now wonder why we waited so long to have this done, dont hesitate, if you live in a hard water area, get it done today and notice the different almost immediately. Thank you EWT, worth every penny.

    Gerry Anderson , Luton

    We have had our water system installed since April 2013. The system works well and I have seen substantial improvements in cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and kettle has only been descaled once sincee installation. Only comment I would make is that hthe salt bag runs out every month an I order 6 bags at a time. I wish we can order online so I don't have to keep calling the girls in the office whcih woudl save their time and mine.

    Pria Vadher , Forest Gate

    The only thing I wish is that I'd had this softener installed sooner! We saw an immediate improvement in water softness and the drinking-water tap delivers lovely quality water. Several weeks on, our bathrooms, sinks and taps are gleaming and our consumption of toiletries and cleaning products has substantially decreased. We had a slight problem with water pressure (we have a town house with a megaflow) but EWT also excel at their customer support and this issue was dealt with promptly and efficiently by the team. We had wider pipework fitted by an EWT engineer (at no further cost) and since then everything is superb. Cannot recommend them, or this product, enough.

    Linda H Edmondson , Littlehampton

    This water softener has been a life saver.\r\nLess dirt in the bathroom.\r\nBetter quality water to drink and boil for hot drinks.\r\nNow I ran out of salt, I was reminded of the advantages and benefits!

    Titilayo , Dartford

    We had our ewt water softener and drinking water tap installed when we came back from an overseas holiday just over a month ago, we found that there was a far better taste to our tea/coffee and within a few days the water began to feel a lot softer the engineer was very helpful and explained how things work and how to adjust should we need to change any thing ( very helpful).Look forward to a long and happy relationship with E.W. Technologies. many thanks to all

    GORDON KEDDA , Bradbridge Green, Ashford

    I ordered two softeners and thought it would be a major job to fit being a large property. It was done in less than a day with no fuss and with the plumbing installed expertly. I would definitely recommend EWT. Great job!

    Conway Standing , Derby
  • Very glad we decided to install the EWT Gold Seriesr as the whole house benefits from soft water and my skin is not as dry as it was before. Now just waiting for the limescale deposits in the water system to dissolve.The installer was great and installed the system in no time.

    jack patel , hounslow

    We are having water softener since one year, we are happy with it, good customer service as well. They do remind every month to add salt, but I wasn't happy with the engineer who came to install the system, he was very rude. Overall I am happy with the EWT product.

    Mahesh , Haverhill

    29/12/2014: What a difference in the water,tea tastes better hair and skin softer, no more scum in sink/bath/shower great product, highly recommended

    joan matcham , Alkham, Dover

    This is a great product and definitely value for money. The engineer who came around for installation was very efficient and friendly. Having the water softener has already started to demonstrate its benefits. Few of them that we are already seeing within 2 weeks 1. No more limescale in the kettle and stops us worrying about having to do the vinegar treatment every 3 days. 2.The regular shower cubicle scrubbing due to watermarks has gone. 3. The dryness in the skin has greatly reduced 4. The dishes from the dishwasher now sparkles and seems like from a new dishwasher. 5. No more spots near the washbasins and kitchen sink. Not sure how we managed without it until now :) Greatly recommend this product both for quality and price.

    Sharath Shetty , St. Angnells Lane, Hemel Hempstead

    It has been approximately 4 weeks since we had a water softener installed and we must say it is one of the best decisions we have made. There has been a distinct improvement in the feel and quality of our water. I wish I had done it many years ago, but the one thing that put us off was the price. That is until we saw the advert from EWT. We were still a little uncertain as the advertised cost was almost half of previous quotes we received. However, we did not need to worry as the price quoted is correct. Right from our first telephone call to the fitter leaving our house the process was excellent. I cannot fault the quality of the product, installation and service we have received. In addition we also now have superb filtered drinking water. Thank you very much.

    David kendall , whitstable

    I had your water softener installed 1 year ago and deliberately waited to see if there were any problems, before submitting a review.The Lime has disappear, the water tastes good and the water is just different. It's the smartest purchase we've made.I would recommend EWT to any of my friends.

    Ivelin Ivanov , Morden

    Excellent service, engineer polite, friendly and helpful. Bathroom and kitchen sink and appliances lime scale free. Skin feels soft and moisturised, less dry and not so itchy. Hair feels silky and frizz free. Would recommend installation of this product.

    P Akhtar , Belvedere

    Extremely happy with our Gold Series system. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

    Shaziakamran , Slough

    Gold Series Water softener fitted a couple of weeks ago and we noticed the difference immediately. The initial contact with the office was friendly, helpful and informative but with no "hard sell" pressure. The engineer who fitted the system was polite, fast and knowledgeable. We have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family.

    Jack and Anne Fairey , Arrundel Road, Littlehampton

    After about two weeks of use, I have been amazed to find that the toilet cisterns, hitherto heavily lime encrusted, are now completely clear, as is the loft tank. Showers are a pleasure, leaving the skin soft and supple. Much less detergent is being used and of course no need for dishwasher regeneration programmes. Tomas, the installation technician, was a text book example of how to handle customers. Polite, clean working, patient with explanations and FAST. The installation was a bit cramped and "fussy" but nevertheless, it took him not much more than a couple of hours to complete. A couple of days after installation, I had occasion to raise a few points which had occurred to me. The email was answered within a day, with a comprehensive explanation and even a movie, illustrating one particular point. EWT is a shining example of good governance and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

    John Campbell , Swaffham

    Just had our water softener fitted and cannot fault the communication or the engineer who turned up at my property.

    Steve Waller , Sittingbourne

    We had our water softener installed by EWT last week and I simply cannot fault them. From their outstanding customer service when ordering (we used Groupon to get a really good discount) right down to the installation, it all went really smoothly. Chuba (the installer) was on time, neat and tidy and even when faced with a tricky installation (due to our old house and the odd location of where we wanted the unit to go) he couldn't have made things any easier. The separate water filter in the kitchen works brilliantly and even though its only been a few days since the softener was put in, we can notice a major difference. The water tastes and most importantly feels so much better. Our shower is running clear and the major limescale that we used to get is gone. Overall this was money very well spent with a great company. Top marks.

    Simon Maloney , Chatham

    Had EWT GOLD Series water softener installed two months ago. The installation was carried out efficiently with minimal disruption. We have already noticed reduced white hard water residue on sink and taps and also a "softer" feel on skin and hair.I would happily recommend this product.

    Mr H Raval , Edgware

    My EWT water softener has greatly improved the water in my house, the drinking water s2000 drinking water system I had is great and my water tastes much nicer! The service I received from the first call through to the install has been great and the installer was extremely friendly and helpul. Thanks EWT

    Daxesh Patel , High Street, Woodford Green

    Have noticed a big difference from very hard water to significantly soft water. Taps and kitchen sink don't have watermarks anymore. The drinking water tastes much better now. Can also see difference in taste of tea. Glad that I got gold series system installed. Have already recommended to family and friends.

    N Kapoor , North View

    On the 08/10/2013 you installed a water softener in my bunglow, it was the new gold range. We have never seen so many soap suds! We now only need a little spot of soap to make lots of lather and when we have a bath or shower one feels so soft. We also only have to put a small dot of fairy liquid in the washing up its great. We are so pleased with our water softener and wish we had bought one years ago, thank you very much. r.carter (Berkshire)

    REGINALD CARTER , Sewell Avenue, Wokingham

    Always a Great service from EWT so keep booking services through them. Team are friendly, answer questions, always professional and take care in your home while carrying out work.

    Jit Mistry , Eton Wick

    I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am very pleased. Already my lovely new kettle is cleaner, and I have to remember to be more careful in the bath as it's more slippery!! Bye bye Brita filter jug..! The engineer was really helpful, friendly and the service was first class. Can't understand why I waited so long..My skin is better too...

    Keith Hawthorn , I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am

    A brilliant device that's fits under the work surface. No need to do anything just keep the salt topped up once every 3/4 weeks. Saves money on washing powder & dishwashing salt alone.

    Ian Wilber , Coleford

    I cannot praise enough the professionalism and courteous service of your engineer Pat who came to install the water softener and the water filter,its a pleasure to deal with a company whose engineers know their job and offer appropriate solutions to problems,needless to say everything was installed, and to prove, it took 30 drops of solution to turn the water green before and TWO AFTER.(hardness test). He also installed a separate drinking water tap. We now need to see the benefits by using the water and will update the review later.MANY THANKS, PAT and AMIE at EWT. M.Maher

    michael maher , blofield heath

    We had our Gold Series Water Softener fitted in November 2013. We had suffered hard water and constant limescale on our taps and appliances for almost twenty seven years.We tried lots of remedies to clear the problem ie;Electrical Gadgets on the inward flow pipes Magnets etc all useless and a waste of money.Since we have had the water softener these problems have been solved.The limescale took a little time to clear as the engineer said that it may some months as we had had the problem for so long.Baths and showers feel so luxurious with the soft water and we use less cleaning products which saves money,in the long term the water softener pays for itself.The only downside which was my fault I signed up for the silver package but should have gone gold on the maintenance as 5 bags of salt a year is not enough.I would thoroughly recommend EWT to everyone I know who is considering fitting a water softener.

    Albert Larkin , Hadleigh Suffolk

    We have had our EWT gold series water softener installed for a year now and have really noticed the benefits in all aspects of appliances, water quality and personal benefits

    Sarah Linkins , ASHFORD

    Honestly I'm not happy with the way work done at my home. I'm very disappointed the way EWT plumber carried out, raise a complaint about this and requested to refund the money I paid for this work.rnrnAt the end, I asked his why the leaking happening from initial installation (before that week they installed the softener and some leaks, EWT plumber told me that first guy who came to install the equipment didn't done the correctly (fix the small part other way around) that caused the leak from hard water to softener (where the first leak). rnrnAs a part of this leak fix, they replaced the kitchen tap (they leaks during initial setup) but the guy who came my home all day swearing his management why they accepted the job. I never seen any plumber like this. EWT sales team work hard to bring customer but if the workers are like these plumber (who attended my home), don't respect your own staff and no respect with customer at site... because of these guys, your brand (EWT) value will go down and personally no one recommend your company just because of these guys.rnrnAt the no, he fixed the kitchen tap otherway around (wrong side controls)., I'm not happy with this EWT installation and I don't recommend anyone to got Heath the installation with them.

    Suresh , Sidcup

    We had a water softener installed about 2 months ago. The installation process was straightforward and the engineer did a good job of explaining everything and tidying up. We have noticed less limescale since the softener was installed, and are happy with the free filtered water tap.

    Ian Birdsey , Walton on Thames

    What a difference. We used to have great lumps of lime on the taps and in the kettle. Streaks on the shower door were anoying to say the least. After initial cleaning we are still lime free after 4 months. The amount of soap and cleaning agents have drastically reduced. As for the water out of the filter, I seldom used to drink out of the tap due to the taste of chlorine but now I really do enjoy a good glass of crystal clear water. Just do it.

    Kevin Weaver , Clevedon

    It has now been three weeks since we had our water softener installed and there have been a number of marked differences, primarily the luxurious feel of the water when having showers and baths. We have two small kids and the hard water was drying their skin really harshly, but we've already noticed that their skin is softer after bathtime. Cleaning is significantly easier now too as we've seen an end to grubby and hard-to-scrub water marks. Also, Chris who fitted the kit was refreshingly nice and the after-sales service has been great.

    Ian Nash , London

    We have the water softener installed over one year. We have had very good softer water through over the whole house.The shower screen, bath surface are now limescale free. The water is so soft and the filtered drinking water is great. The water is so soft when taking bath or shower. The installation was very quick,and helpful engineer was working very hard to complete on time. I have recommending EWT to my friends.

    Yan Zhang , Dover

    We had our water softner system and filtered water system installed 5 weeks ago, and what a difference it has made. We noticed the difference almost instantly. No more scummy lime scale on our chrome fittings and tiles in the bathroom. Takes no time cleaning bathroom now. We're using less cleaning detergents, so we're already saving money. As for EWT engineer, he was very polite and professional. Nothing was too much trouble, and left with no mess for me to clean up. I only wish we'd changed our water years ago.I am one very satisfied customer.

    Neil wright , Ramsey close

    I highly recommend E W Technologies for their excellent customer service, efficient installation and outstanding product. I had the metered softener fitted under the sink with an additional tap to provide non-softened filtered drinking water. The ordering process was very simple and straightforward and they provided all the information I required. The installation was completed very efficiently and the softener was placed exactly where I wanted it. I could immediately notice the effects of softened water in the kitchen and now, after only a few days, the effects are noticeable all over the house. The bathroom gleams and only needs a quick wipe over after a shower or bath. I consider the E W Technologies water softeners to be excellent value for money with very reasonable running costs especially with the cover plan. Well done EWT - I am a very satisfied customer.

    Derek Keen , Grassmere Road, Farnham, Surrey

    16/12/2014: New water softener fitted November 2013. Engineer very efficient, helpful and courteous. I have noticed the difference in my tap water already. Less limescale on surfaces and appliances and the water feels softer. I would recommend EWT to any of my friends.

    loraine wheeler , Wallingford, Oxford
  • Chris was fantastic, cheerful and efficient, did a lovely job. We are very pleased with our replacement water softener.

    Barbara Qua , Maidenhead

    Having had a very positive experience to start with we have had a disasterous experience with this year's service. The engineer left the power supply to the water softener disconnected, which resulted in the water supply being withheld from our dishwasher, resulting in the pump burning out = new dishwasher needed. We would have thought we were just unlucky had exactly the same thing not happened to my father's dishwasher on the same date just after having had his EWT water softener serviced by the same engineer. Customer service in following this up has been very disappointing indeed. Anyone can make a mistake but to deny responsibility for it is not acceptable.

    Angela Newitt , Gosling Close

    Thank you very much for the instalation at PEMBROKEHOUSE,and the engineer was great.

    John Chambers , me7 4bs

    29/4/14 The difference in the water quality is amazing. The water is so soft and the filtered drinking water is great. The staff on the telephone, by email and in person (Fitters) were polite and helpful. Would fully recommend this product and company.

    Mrs Drewett , Seer Green /Beaconsfield

    We were so fed up with lime scales. Specially in our kitchen and bathroom. After this installation so far so good. No lime scale also you can feel good water. I would 100% recommend this.

    Ashish Tailor , Borehamwood

    I bought your system May 2015, all was well until recently when a residue of salt has built up 1CM above the base along the seam of the unit. On calling your office this morning and after a conversation of 30 mins your staff inform me that this normal and is due to humidity. The unit is supposed to be air tight at the bottom so why would this be the case. After sending your people a photo this is the response I get. As a customer you expect me to clean the unit ever 2 days as your colleague advised me. Can you please highlight on your website where this is mentioned and as the picture shows the unit does not look like the one of your websites and sales collateral.

    Rita Patel , Bushey

    I can highly recommend EW water specialist. The installation was quick and it seems they know exactly what they are doing. The water quality is much better.

    Rene von Reth , Eltham

    Since being fitted in 2013 all the hard water has gone, no more limescale in the shower or hard water spots in the kettles. Highly recommend the machine as it has done wonders for us.

    Darren , Croydon

    We have now had our EWTwater softener for 2 years, we did a review when it was first installed saying how good the installation team were, we'd never had such clean workers in our house and they turned up exactly on time too, after 2 years were still just as pleased with the softener, it works so well, and the customer service is excellent, were due our second annual service soon and know the engineer will be excellent if past experience is anything to go by. We'd recommend EWT to everybody.

    Irene Edwards , Frimley

    I had the gold softener installed 4 weeks back. Unfortunately it has not made any difference. Still see lime scales on the tap, shower screen, etc. Did a test with the tester EWT engineer provided during the installation, and it showed the water is still hard. Spoke to customer services, they have sent me a video link to try out before an engineer is sent out which I think is not a great customer service asking the customer to try out the trouble shooting as a process of elimination. The salt has not been used up at all, hardly 20% used up in almost 4 weeks. Hopefully, their video provides sufficient information to find out the issue. But would have been helpful if an engineer was sent out to find the fault/issue. Had left few messages to call back when I reported the issue for the first time with the customer service, but had no call backs.

    Ganesh Kavassery , STAINES-UPON-THAMES

    Ths customer service of this company is extremely poor. We had a fault connection which flooded the entier ground floor of the house. It took us a number of calls and multiple follow ups and I still do not see any help coming in. Will not recommend to anyone.

    Varun Upadhya , Croxley Green

    First class product, service and company!! I would have no hesitation in recommending EWT and their products to everyone out there. From my first telephone call to meeting the engineer who fitted our softener the customer care was top drawer. Our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener is amazing and makes me only wish that we had had it fitted years ago. Thank you EWT for excellent customer care and a superb product at good value for money. Ricky Valks

    Ricky Valks , Chelmsford

    24/09/2013 I am so happy with my water softener .i wish i had done it sooner ,i have no lime scales in my sink and shower ,my taps are so clean an shiny ,soap lathers well ,my wife even says how nice her hair feels after a wash ,my tumblers an so shiny ,an my tea an coffee mugs does not have a stain in them any more ,the water tastes so good ,less recyling and no more wash up tabs for my washing machine ,i highly recommend this product for any one ,who wishes to see their home clean and shiny bright .one more thing the engineer was so efficient an quick ,an the job was done so neat ,an was so helpful in explaining to us all that we needed to know .I have not yet seen any limescale any where in my house now ,and it is only a month we installed this softener .

    Mr R Evans , Ashford kennington

    Should have had this product fitted as soon as we purchased our property! The difference was instantly noticeable and it just gets better. No more lime scale is so rewarding. From initial phone contact to final installation, EWT have shown just how companies SHOULD operate. Their engineer was prompt, meticulous and installed the product in a convenient position for us, not in the easiest position. He explained the equipment so we fully understood and left his work areas spotless. We will have no qualms about recommending their product. Spalding has now become a "nicer" place to live, thanks to EWT.

    Alan and Moira Pilkington , Ingleby Court, Spalding

    We have had EWT 606 Gold Series water softener installed a few months ago and have been since noticing many differences this has made: no more hard scale on our taps and tiles, easy use of soap, no dry skin and less build up of limescale in our kettle. We don't have to buy so many cleaning products now either! We would certainly recommend this product to anyone with hard water problems. Thanks EWT!

    Mark Darby , Hellesdon

    15/5/14 We recently had a Gold series installed and was very pleased with the results. The water is noticeably softer right away and my wife and i love it as it has reduced all the effort in wiping and removing stains from surfaces. Very pleased so far and have referred to others. Also worth mentioning, the engineer who installed the system provided a really professional service. He explain how the system works with great patience.

    AMIT MATHUR , Croxley Green

    Hi I have ordered some salt it supposed to be delivered on 19th Sep, my wife waited for whole day, no one come, I run out salt already. can you ask your engineer to call me, who should I contact if your engineer did not do what they suppose to do? where can I then I called your customer services, someone rearranged on today 1st Oct, so far still not one turned up yet, shall I carry on waiting....? complain? Gang Guo

    Gang Guo , Dartford

    Had EWT 606 Gold Series softener for 10 months now and working and softening very well .. EWT give excellent service and can wholeheartedly recommend

    Mark collins , Coates

    We've had our EWT Gold Series water softener just over a month now and noticed the difference in the softness of the water almost immediately. We should have had one installed years ago.

    David Smith Wilson , Reigate

    While the EWT Gold Water Conditioner is a good product and we have seen a reduction in lime scale, there is additional information that isn't made clear when you order the product. rnrnThe unit is supplied without any salt. At no point was it suggested I needed to purchase salt before installation and as a result the engineer was unable to talk to me about salt usage and how much was required. He just advised to keep it “topped up” and that it wouldn’t be a problem as long as I purchased salt within the week. rnrnIt is a disappointment that a product that requires salt does it not at least come with the first month’s supply? I was left not knowing what type of salt to purchase. I eventually managed to get some but really feel that it should supplied at installation.rnrnYou also need a servicing plan. This is not mentioned when you place your order and adds to your running costs.rnrnOverall I am happy with the product and it appears to be doing its job. The real annoyance, other than having to take time off of work twice, was that it wasn’t supplied with the salt.

    Martin Hamblin , Enfield

    09/10/2013 When I spoke to your sales person on the phone, I honestly thought it all seemed to good to be true. No need for a salesman/site engineer to call beforehand; an unbelievable price that had no hidden costs; the promise of soft water, after so many years of suffering the horrible effects of very hard water - and straight away?! ..... Well, it IS all true! We wish we had had a softener fitted 20 years ago, and the filtered water tap - which was free - saves so much time and money.

    Humphreys , Berkshire, South East England

    We had the EWT system installed last year and the water quality is absolutely wonderful Drinking water is available on a special tap and therefore we do not buy bottled water anymore Investment is fully worth it!

    Wickrama , Wimbledon

    The engineer fitted the softener unit and filter in a record 51 minutes. We have immediately noticed the difference in water quality, although the improvements keep coming as the water system washes through. Very happy with the product and the service. Thanks.

    Andrew Whibley , Bachchurch Lane, Aldgate

    Had to make a call out due to a minor problem, a pipe came adrift. Quickly put right and no problems since. Excellent, and lovely soft water now.

    John Higgins , Yoxford

    My life has changed! No more ten minute clean up after a shower.No white greasy film in the washbasins,build up of lime crust on and around taps,encrusted lime in toilet bowl.All have disappeared like magic with very little effort and a great big smile. As for washing up----just a few drops of washing up liquid,taps surround and draining board sparkling with just a wipe. Washing powder/liquid usage minimal and soft towels at last. What I can see pleases me but what I cannot see pleases me even more. The thought that my washing machine ,central heating and general pipework are having a spring clean is reassuring. My husband was not keen on the idea of a water softener--but then as a man who doesn't do the housework I could understand his thinking. It looks as if a skin condition he suffers (without medical remedy) may well be improving and I await the outcome and hopefully convince him of the true value of this installation.

    Mrs Ann Tubb , The Green, Witney, Oxfordshire

    We had our water sofener and free s2000 drinking filter tap fitted about three months ago and the water taste is so much better. We now have no more limescale build up on taps in kettle shower head and the shower cubicle is much cleaner. We are very impressed with our EWT water softener and would recommend them to anyone

    Robert Edge , Canterbury Road, Ashford

    We had our EWT Gold Series water softener fitted September 2015 and I must say we are very please with the product. The EWT engineer that installed the unit was brilliant and professional, explained everything and demonstrated everything. We live in an area of hard water and it has made a BIG difference to the amount of lime scale that we have. I brought a new kettle when it was installed and have never had to descale it. The shower heads do not get blocked up with lime scale anymore, it's just so nice not having to clean limescale anymore. Excellent value for money and great customer service.

    John DORMAN , Dover

    Excellent person and excellent product. The installer was late but one thing I can tell is, the support staff is excellent. I have been talking with their call centre and I always get response within 30 minutes via email and within 5 minutes via phone. No issue with product and we are very happy with their professional approach. It is going to be very long time ( 10 year) to see if the product has any issue but to start with I am happy with the company for sure.

    Kaumil , LUTON

    It has been a year since I had the EWT GOLD Series water softener installed. Works fine, no scale. Great engineer, happy with it so far.

    Mohamed , Croxley Green

    I could notice the difference straight away and wouldn't want to go back to hard water. Everything feels better from soft skin after a shower to a cup of tea tasting nicer. The EWT team are also very helpful,they are always available for advice and the free delivery of salt.

    Emma Carroll , Vaughan Avenue, Tonbridge
  • I highly recommend E W Technologies for their excellent customer service, efficient installation and outstanding product. I had the softener fitted under the sink with an additional tap to provide non-softened filtered drinking water and R.O. Water filter system for drinking water fitted from them as well , the quality of water is almost same as bottle water . The ordering process was very simple and straightforward and they provided all the information I required. The installation was completed very efficiently and the softener was placed exactly where I wanted it. I could immediately notice the effects of softened water in the kitchen and now, after only a few days, the effects are noticeable all over the house. The bathroom gleams and only needs a quick wipe over after a shower or bath. I consider the E W Technologies water softeners to be excellent value for money with very reasonable running costs especially with the cover plan. Well done EWT - I am a very satisfied customer.

    Gurjit , Slough

    We installed EWT machine 3 months ago, and got rid of water mark on shower screen / bath / taps ever since. I am sure there are other benefits of this fantastic machine, but for me, such one tick already made the whole efforts worthwhile.

    Janet , Watford

    We had our EWT Gold Series water softener installed 4 weeks ago. Have already noticed a different and keep forgetting to use less washing up liquid and shampoo, etc. Really good product. Engineer was efficient and very helpful. EWT were very helpful when I made my enquiries. Good product - should have done it sooner.

    Stephen Jones , Ashford

    Yesterday I got installed my 606G Gold series. The installation was really quick less than 2 hours and the technician did all in a very clean and tidy manner. About the product it looks nice, hard and durable. It takes a little bit of space, but not so much as I thought.

    Jose Garcia , Swindon

    Terry & Maureen Hillier WORTHING We had EWT water softener fitted one month ago by a very pleasant and proficient engineer. nothing was too much trouble giving us a choice of locations to fit the unit. We live on down land chalk with really hard water with the ever lasting problem with lime scale. From the day it was fitted the shower is now like new, stainless sink and taps sparkling cannot recommend highly enough. The free filtered drinking water tap is better than bottled.

    TERRY HILLIER , Shepherds Mead, Worthing, West Sussex

    A month exactly since our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was installed and what a big change - the list of improvements is vast - softer hair, softer laundry, softer skin, no more limescale on taps... the list goes on. Our water was very hard and now that we have a water softener, we don't know how we have managed without all this time and would never go back to being without one. Thank you EWT for your quality service from sales to installation!

    Ebby Niyazi , BECKENHAM

    I have had my EWT softener and drinking tap fitted for 2 weeks now. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend this to anyone with eczema in the household. The engineer was also very professional and patient and left everything tidy.


    I cannot believe the difference the EWT Gold Series water softener has made, cleaning is so easy now and we have not had to replace a kettle. We have had this for one year now and if we moved, it would be one of the first things we would have installed.

    Mrs Drewett , Seer Green /Beaconsfield

    Excellent service from Maidstone branch, office staff was Very helpful pleasant and knowledgeable. Engineer turned up on time and was very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend the product or the company. Extremely pleased with the overall experience.

    Stephen Harris , Margate

    We are very happy with the water softening system. Limescale has been cut significantly and we do not have to buy a lot of cleaning products now.

    Angela Drakes , Snettisham

    had a water softener system and a drinking water filter fitted just a few weeks ago and already noticed a great difference lime scale already reducing all round the house and it when it was fitted the engineer was very quick and efficient no mess very helpful the area we live in has very hard water

    masters , tilbury

    First of all, the installation went very smoothly. The engineer was very friendly and certainly didn't rush the work. Even after just a few days, I couldn't believe how much cleaner the worktop in the kitchen was; it shined and I could actually see a reflection in it for the first time ever! The shower is much the same; before the softener, I was having to do a thorough clean at least once a week - after a year of having the water softener installed, I've probably had to clean it a couple of times and have never had the shower head block. The water actually feels softer too and with the filter they installed under the sink, even London water is palletable. I've happily recomended them to friends too.

    Dominic Raywood , Stratford

    I installed a water softener and drinking water filter last August. The products do exactly as they say on the tin, great drinking water, lovely soft water in our bathrooms, no limescale deposits on the showers and noticeably better children's skin. EWT have been reliable and professional, follow up support has been excellent, we recently had our first service and the engineer was on time and courteous. I am more than happy to endorse and recommend EWT.

    Toby Berryman , Hove

    12/04/2014: Had my installation fitted a couple of weeks ago and have found the water now lovely and soft for showering, with the best of all, no more horrible water marks on the shower screen. The drinking water tastes so much better, overall I wish I had had this installed ages ago. The installation was easy and the engineer was excellent.

    Colin Knowles , Holyrood Gardens, Edgware

    Water is very hard in our area. but after installing Gold Series water softener from EWT, we can really feel the difference in the water. there is no more limescale in our water anymore. very good product. highly recommended. real value for money.

    JAYDEEP PATEL , Watford

    Fast delivery (within 48h!). Fast installation (less than 2 hours). no mess and nothing broken whilst installation took place. Very good product. Highly recomended.

    Stephane Vander elst , Lewis Road, Sidcup

    The service received has been first class - from the initial enquiry through to the installation

    AM Gadsby , wymondham

    Wow. What a difference a water softener has made to us. The shower screen is now clean all of the time. Very polite and helpful engineers. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to family or friends. The service was second to none.

    Mark Slater , Kinghtfield, Hertfordshire

    Wow. What a difference the EWT Gold Series has made to us. The shower screen is now clean all of the time. Very polite and helpful engineers. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to family or friends. The service is second to none.

    Mark Slater , Welwyn Garden City

    05/10/2013 We have had our water softener for a little over 1 month and what an amazing difference this water softener has made to us. The shower screen is like new. We are now linescale free, and what a difference to my kettle. Love the drinking water tap you fitted. The installation was quick, with no mess and a very polite and helpful engineer completed the work in no time. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to everyone. Your service is second to none. I now wonder why we waited so long to have this done, dont hesitate, if you live in a hard water area, get it done today and notice the different almost immediately. Thank you EWT, worth every penny.

    Geraldine Anderson , Luton, Bedfordshire

    I have had my EWT water softener for a few months now and have noticed the water quality immediately got better after the install, the usual places like my sink and taps are now really shiny and I have no more limescale in my home!

    Mr Chan , Agger Avenue, Dagenham

    the ewt not only supply the gold series system,but great customer servies! My kitchen and bathroom had beena big different since the system was installed. the engineer did a great and neat job,he is very friendly too. i will stongly recommend the EWT to my friends.

    TAO JIANG , Blanchardstown dublin 15

    The watersoftner wasn't performing to its capacity as we had to constantly scrub our bathrooms. While the product might be OK - customer services is a case of hit and miss. To begin with they have my name wrong - called me Suhar instead of Suhas, in spite of reminding several times. They have a wrong address for us (in spite of informing of the move and they installing the new softner at the new place) They were meant to send in a enginner for annual service on 9.12 instead he turns up on 10.12 and at the wrong address then is in a real rush to finish off the service and take our cash!! Will not be recommending this to anyone else and customer service are reluntant to send someone over even in warranty period unless you are willing to pay for a service!!!

    Suhas , Langley, Slough

    I wish I had fitted one of these units years ago. All of the plusses that were suggested to me have happened or are happening, but a major plus that I was not aware of is cleaning of utilities sinks, showers, baths and toilets are not only easier to clean but remain cleaner for much longer. I estimate it has reduced my cleaning time by 40-50%. EWT service to date is exemplary really pleased in all respects-long may it continue.

    David J Symmons , Slough

    April 2016 - We had the EWT 606 installed. the Engineer was very good and talked us through how to look after the softer and how to top it up with salt. Its very quiet and we have noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of our water. Kettle, Shower, Washing Machine, Taps, even when you wash your hair/wash the dishes you do not need as much detergent as before. We had a new shower fitted last year and the plumber told us that it would last a lot longer seeing as we had the softer installed. Great value and easy to maintain. We would strongly recommend the softer as it really does make a huge difference. :)

    R Marshall , Braintree

    Have had the water softerner fitted just over 2 weeks and we are very pleased with it, no scum or chalk round the taps. Luke the engineer turned up on time and made a very neat job of the installation. Extreamley pleased with the results

    Mr A Barrall , Hood Avenue, Orpington

    What service!And what a chaming engineer who was prompt polite and very very efficient.No disruption and no mess.The engineer knew exactly what needed to be done and answered all our questions

    christine balchin , Shipdham Thetford

    06/12/2014 We had our EWT water softener installed on 12Nov 2013, & was amazed by the immediate difference in the 'feel' of the water. I recommended you to a neighbor, who was equally impressed & will be having the system installed in his new home in 2014. The EWT representative, was really pleasant & explained everything I needed to know, which put me totally at ease. Thank you EWT for making my life easier. Sue Senior. Park Rd, Hampton Wick. Surrey.

    Sue Senior , Hampton Wick, Surrey

    We've had the water softener and drinking tap now for 9 months and having noticed the reduction in limescale throughout the house, we would not want to be without it and the drinking water tastes much better.

    Gareth Spooner , York Avenue, Sidcup

    From the initial installation to the present day we have been dealt with in a truly, professional and pleasing manner. Thank you EWT

    Neil Marston , Fulbeck