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Loving it.

  • I have now had my water softener installed for almost a year and the difference is amazing. The water is soft to shower in and makes a noticibly different taste to tea. There is no more limescale around my taps and showers saving time cleaning and putting an end to the need for limescale remover. I can only imagine the good it is doing for my electrical goods

    Miss Taupin , Herne Bay

    We had our Water softner and water filter fitted on 31st May 2013. We are quite happy with the results for water usage as well as drinking. Already we can see the advantages. We would recommend this to everyone.

    AROONA JOSHI , Harrow

    Fantastic service & fantastic product. We had our water softner installed 4 weeks ago & noticed an immediate difference especially when it started to work its magic and flush our system of all the limescale deposits. We are a sensitive skin family suffering from dry skin, eczema & psoriasis and the EWT water softener has made such a difference. Also made a big difference to cleaning as there is no longer buildup of limescale around the taps or scum marks around the sink bowls making cleaning a lot easier & quicker. Should have got one a long time ago but it was never affordable until EWT Technologies. The installers were great, friendly & helpful showing me how the softener worked etc, as well as leaving where they worked clean & tidy. Highly recommend & have since told family & friends to get one if they haven't got one already.

    Mrs K Virgo , Sweet Bay Creasent, Ashford

    A brilliant device that's fits under the work surface. No need to do anything just keep the salt topped up once every 3/4 weeks. Saves money on washing powder & dishwashing salt alone.

    Ian Wilber , Coleford

    We have now had the softener for 11 months, so have given it a good, long tryout. I still get pleasure of a clean kettle (no scale) when I fill it, also no scummy marks round the washbasin or bath, and no scale build up in the toilet. Makes cleaning so much easier and cheaper (no scale removers to buy). Yes, 100% satisfied, and would heartily recommend to everyone in a hard water area.

    Mrs B Copping , Rainham

    Great EWT 606 Gold Series softener easy to install and change salt etc. The customer service is second to none. I'm very happy with my decision all that research paid off. I would highly recommend this product.

    Manji siyani , Harrow

    Good sound installation Minimum of fuss,bother and dislocation.Only Installed 31st March and we're feeling the benefits already.

    John Rees , Iver

    EWT. I found the company was obliging & very helpful in all depts. what a difference the softner makes,Highly Recommended.

    Mr. B.Locking , Thistledown, Deal, Kent

    I have no hesitation in recommending EWT for their product and their service. Watersoftener & Drinking water filter was installed with minimum of inconvenience by a very helpful engineer who went out of his way to make a less than straight forward installation look simple.I have seen near instant improvement in taps, basins and especially the shower screens. The Drinking water filter has improved taste & smell of water - no more bottled water for me. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer. Terry Bates

    TERRY BATES , Oakway Drive, Frimley, Surrey

    We had the unit installed couple of days back and start noticing the difference in water taste and noticed the consumption of soap gone down. Over all we notice the service and information provided is good and helpful respectively.

    maruti , Walton Road, Sidcup, Kent

    Amazing water softener from EWT less cleaning work using less detergents for washing and skin for the whole family after bathing or showering feels great.

    A Spall , Chigwell

    Just about eleven weeks ago, we had the new EWT Gold Range Water Softner fitted in our house. We regard the day we read about your company in the newspaper and decided to invite you as one of our luckiest days. We are really glad and happy with the new changes we discover - soft, clean and bright water, actually changing our lives and health for the better. We wish that many more homes can join this worthy and rewarding club. Please keep up with the good work.

    Marcellina and Charles ONUMA , Colindale

    First of all, the installation went very smoothly. The engineer was very friendly and certainly didn't rush the work. Even after just a few days, I couldn't believe how much cleaner the worktop in the kitchen was; it shined and I could actually see a reflection in it for the first time ever! The shower is much the same; before the softener, I was having to do a thorough clean at least once a week - after a year of having the water softener installed, I've probably had to clean it a couple of times and have never had the shower head block. The water actually feels softer too and with the filter they installed under the sink, even London water is palletable. I've happily recomended them to friends too.

    Dominic Raywood , Stratford

    We had a water softener installed in November 2015. Despite the engineer attending twice and over 10 calls to the office, the work has not been 100% completed. Slight damage to a kitchen tile was also done. The customer service is appalling and I am still awaiting a call from a customer services manager. The product is good, but after sales service is very poor.


    Use of softened water gives showering more pleasant feel plus makes walls, screen and taps easier to clean. One may know about it, but can be fully appreciated only if water softener is used. After initial installation, we upgraded to metered head and it made significant difference to salt usage. Definitely woul recommend EWT Gold 606 water softener. After sale care and service also top range.

    Don Nemcic , Romford

    Great service. Always on the other side of a phone. Always answered my questions without delay. Great service before and after sale. Will recommend to all!

    u , Kingsbury

    We had our water softener installed by EWT last week and I simply cannot fault them. From their outstanding customer service when ordering (we used Groupon to get a really good discount) right down to the installation, it all went really smoothly. Chuba (the installer) was on time, neat and tidy and even when faced with a tricky installation (due to our old house and the odd location of where we wanted the unit to go) he couldn't have made things any easier. The separate water filter in the kitchen works brilliantly and even though its only been a few days since the softener was put in, we can notice a major difference. The water tastes and most importantly feels so much better. Our shower is running clear and the major limescale that we used to get is gone. Overall this was money very well spent with a great company. Top marks.

    Simon Maloney , Chatham

    I have now had my EWT Gold Series system installed in for a year, apart from the immediate difference you see with soft water over time the limescale build around the taps and shower cable is gone as well.

    Bhavesh Dhokia , Harrow

    We had installation recently and was very pleased with the service. We find that our skin now feels different and the housework much reduced saving time and effort cleaning water marks and stains from surfaces. Very pleased so far and have referred to others.

    Marion May , Harrow

    I highly recommend E W Technologies for their excellent customer service, efficient installation and outstanding product. I had the softener fitted under the sink with an additional tap to provide non-softened filtered drinking water and R.O. Water filter system for drinking water fitted from them as well , the quality of water is almost same as bottle water . The ordering process was very simple and straightforward and they provided all the information I required. The installation was completed very efficiently and the softener was placed exactly where I wanted it. I could immediately notice the effects of softened water in the kitchen and now, after only a few days, the effects are noticeable all over the house. The bathroom gleams and only needs a quick wipe over after a shower or bath. I consider the E W Technologies water softeners to be excellent value for money with very reasonable running costs especially with the cover plan. Well done EWT - I am a very satisfied customer.

    Gurjit , Slough

    11/10/2013 Soft soapy water for washing and fresh filtered water for drinking make for an award winning combination. All this as a result of your courteous and efficient service from our initial inquiry to installation. Our sincere thanks.

    Richard Bird , Wimbledon, SW London

    We had the gold series water softener fitted by EWT after having done research on different types water softener manufactures. But I found that theEWT gold series was the best in terms of efficiency and water wastage during regeneration process of the softener . The Engineer was polite and friend and was knowledgeable ,he new what he was doing and installation was done professionally . His workmanship was very good . I have noticed within a few days that the kitchen sink is scale free and there are no water marks left when it's dry.

    Khimji Gajperia , Edgware

    06/10/2014 First of all my sincere apologies for the delay in sending this email. I wont't bore you with all the details but changing from Virgin to BT has been a nightmare!! However, we could not be more pleased with our softener. The very first indication of improvement was our kettle! Usually within a day or so of cleaning the lime scale away, we could see the issue cropping up again. With EWT's unit this did not happen and has still not occured! Hooray! Next was showering,wow, what a difference the softener has made! In a nutshell, we could not be more pleased so many thanks for all your help and installation. On this last point,I really must compliment your engineer, he was so helpful in everything during the installing on the OUTSIDE of our house. Very many thanks to all at ewt for your expertise. Regarda David Sandford

    David Sandford , Kettering, Nuneaton

    We are very happy with the water softener and have had no problems. The softener has meant several advantages, softer washing and we now use less cleaning products.

    Angela Drakes , Snettisham

    16th October 2013 Since having our water softener installed 4 weeks ago we have already noticed the difference in the quality of the water and the change in limescale around our appliances. We were buying kettles every six months but haven't noticed any limescale over the last four weeks. Our hair and skin feels softer and we use less shampoo and shower gel when showering, also there is no build up of limescale on our glass shower screens, they are now much easier to clean . We were very pleased with the service we received from EWT, the engineers were reliable, knowledgeable and helpful and the price was excellent. If you are thinking about purchasing a Water softener we would recommend EWT every time for great quality and service.

    John Wanstall , Ashford

    the ewt not only supply the gold series system,but great customer servies! My kitchen and bathroom had beena big different since the system was installed. the engineer did a great and neat job,he is very friendly too. i will stongly recommend the EWT to my friends.

    TAO JIANG , Blanchardstown dublin 15

    We had our water softener installed over a year ago now and were very impressed with both the service and the price. The only problem is remembering to fill it up with salt periodically, but I am training the husband to do that!! Highly recommended.

    Susan Parkins , Willersly Avenue, Sidcup, Kent

    We are really enjoying our EWT Gold Series 606 water softening as this is making a great difference in our lives. 1. We do not need as much detergent to wash our laundry- reduced by 50%. 2. The bathroom and shower does not have all the limescale as before so we just clean it as when needed , not as frequent as previously. 3. The drinking water tastes better. 4. Our skin is softer and more radiant and we use less cream. Awesome.


    We had the EWT system installed last year and the water quality is absolutely wonderful Drinking water is available on a special tap and therefore we do not buy bottled water anymore Investment is fully worth it!

    Wickrama , Wimbledon

    Brilliant quality of water.

    Tiesha , Blackheath
  • Should have had this product fitted as soon as we purchased our property! The difference was instantly noticeable and it just gets better. No more lime scale is so rewarding. From initial phone contact to final installation, EWT have shown just how companies SHOULD operate. Their engineer was prompt, meticulous and installed the product in a convenient position for us, not in the easiest position. He explained the equipment so we fully understood and left his work areas spotless. We will have no qualms about recommending their product. Spalding has now become a "nicer" place to live, thanks to EWT.

    Alan and Moira Pilkington , Ingleby Court, Spalding

    Great service from start to finish, great product really pleased with it and should have had one fitted a long time ago it is so worth it. So much less cleaning, never been a fan of water unless it was tea but i'm drinking lots now which is benefiting my health and your skin feels so much better great product. The engineer was brilliant, arrived on time, worked straight through, no damage at all and even fitted the whole product without cutting any holes in the cupboard. Great job. He fully explained the unit, demonstrated it and said there was no problem in calling if I had the least little concern. So far no issues and very please with all element of the service and the product

    Rick Skinner , Slade Green

    Had a water softener fitted one year ago and can honestly say that it has made a big difference. Not just in the reduction of using cleaners for taps and sanitary ware, but no longer having to scrub clean the bathtub and sinks. The benefit on washing and reduced use of detergents and soaps is brilliant. My skin and also my wife's skin has also benefitted being much softer and needing less moisturiser. I can recommend the fitting of this appliance in any hard water area.

    Gary Knight , Manston Road

    15/03/2014: Excellent service and fitting. Arrived at the job at arranged time and fitted the water softener with no problems or mess.The difference is amazing. We have not has to buy shampoo, conditioner, washing liquid , washing powder or toothpaste since it was fitted over 2 weeks ago as everything lasts so much longer. The car looks great when washed with no streaks as the lime as been removed. So many benefits that I cannot list them all. Brian

    brian chidlow , Alton Grove, Newport

    We were so fed up with lime scales. Specially in our kitchen and bathroom. After this installation so far so good. No lime scale also you can feel good water. I would 100% recommend this.

    Ashish Tailor , Borehamwood

    11/3/14 From the outset it has been one of the easiest, most stress-free and friendliest services that I have ever encountered. I just wanted to say a big thank you for installing the water softener in my property. It has only been 2 weeks and me and my family have noticed the difference and are thrilled with the results. I am encouraging my friends and family in the SE to get this installed in their houses too. Thanks again! Seema, Brombley, Kent

    Seema B , Orpington, Bromley

    Great product but after sale service is not the best, have been with the company 3 years and on a plan but for last two years have to chase them to send someone to check the system and refurbish salt.

    Hamid Naqvi , Hemel Hempstead

    EWT 606 Gold Series Water Softener has enhanced our whole water system in the home. We now do not have to worry about our kitchen appliances being clogged up with Limescale. All our taps and shower systems are free from Limescale. We have also combined this with EWT drinking water system. The service is fantastic. The drinking water filters are changed every year & and the Gold Service Plan covers you yearly consumption of salt. Excellent value for money..!

    Sat Rayat , Greenhithe

    13/03/2014: We have just completed a month with our new softener. Very pleased with both the installation - which was complicated but very efficiently carried out. We live in an extremely hard water area and the transformation has been very obvious. We love it - even the dogs love the filtered water - quite amazing

    Jan Pawsey , Kirton End, Boston

    We've had our EWT Gold Series water softener for over 3 weeks now and all working beautifully well. My drinking water is now crystal clear and actually tastes much better! My bathing experience is a treat now and my skin is never tight or dry anymore. Frizzy and dry hair are a thing of the past. Every woman's dream come true! My friends have commented on the water quality before I even mentioned I had a softener installed. Best investment I have ever made for sure! Its like bringing the Highlands to Essex :) Thank you. Yours Forever looking younger, Ms Sultana

    Ms Sultana , Chafford Hundred

    All around improvements! Softer water is benefiting not just us but our appliances too. Drinking water filter is so good that we have stopped buying bottled water after 10 years in Norfolk!

    Ian Boothby , Aylsham

    14/01/2014 It's been almost a year since we had our water softener installed. The installation was a straightforward process and the installers explained everything as they worked. The reduction in limescale was noticeable immediately and has just got better over time. No more scrubbing and scouring to clean the sink and shower, just a quick wipe and it's done. Descaling the kettle is not required any more and we have fitered drinking water on tap now. No more freshening tablets for the washing machine or dishwasher either and even the filters on the taps have pretty much cleaned themselves. It's the smartest purchase we've made ... just brilliant.

    Dave Mackay , Feltham, Middlesex

    What a great job! The Gold Series Water Softener installation was very straight forward, no mess left behind at all. The engineer was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the products. The whole process was effortless, EWT are a pleasure to deal with. Customer service were also extremely helpful and very polite.

    Hayley Wallington , East Hunsbury

    While the EWT Gold Water Conditioner is a good product and we have seen a reduction in lime scale, there is additional information that isn't made clear when you order the product. rnrnThe unit is supplied without any salt. At no point was it suggested I needed to purchase salt before installation and as a result the engineer was unable to talk to me about salt usage and how much was required. He just advised to keep it “topped up” and that it wouldn’t be a problem as long as I purchased salt within the week. rnrnIt is a disappointment that a product that requires salt does it not at least come with the first month’s supply? I was left not knowing what type of salt to purchase. I eventually managed to get some but really feel that it should supplied at installation.rnrnYou also need a servicing plan. This is not mentioned when you place your order and adds to your running costs.rnrnOverall I am happy with the product and it appears to be doing its job. The real annoyance, other than having to take time off of work twice, was that it wasn’t supplied with the salt.

    Martin Hamblin , Enfield

    We had a water softener fitted on the 19/7/13 and we are noticing a difference already. The water is much softer, everything is much easier to clean- no streaks on the shower door, the draining board looks much shinier and our washing is softer as we don't need to use so much washing detergent. So many improvements. Also the engineer was very efficient, polite and willing to answer any questions we had about the system.

    Angela Drakes , Snettisham

    16/01/2014 We have enjoyed water softeners in our last three houses and were then told we could not have one in our present house! EWT said, we can do it! To our joy, they did and it is absolutely super - It wasn't the easiest to install into a 200 year old house but the engineer took his time and sorted it out in a highly professional way. Thanks Pat - top marks and we are delighted customers.

    Dennis and Wendy Allum , New Walk, Leicester

    We had our Gold Series Water Softener fitted in November 2013. We had suffered hard water and constant limescale on our taps and appliances for almost twenty seven years.We tried lots of remedies to clear the problem ie;Electrical Gadgets on the inward flow pipes Magnets etc all useless and a waste of money.Since we have had the water softener these problems have been solved.The limescale took a little time to clear as the engineer said that it may some months as we had had the problem for so long.Baths and showers feel so luxurious with the soft water and we use less cleaning products which saves money,in the long term the water softener pays for itself.The only downside which was my fault I signed up for the silver package but should have gone gold on the maintenance as 5 bags of salt a year is not enough.I would thoroughly recommend EWT to everyone I know who is considering fitting a water softener.

    Albert Larkin , Hadleigh Suffolk

    EWT Water softener has made a great difference to our home.The shower screen is now clean all of the time. Very polite and helpful engineers. On top of all, excellent customer service. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to family or friends.

    Prithula Mukherjee , London

    Since I had my EWT water softener installed two months ago, I have noticed a massive change in the bathroom where my shower head and taps are completely free of limescale. Not only does my bathroom look better but my hair feels much softer after showering and i am using a lot less shampoo. Having two teenage children my washing machine is running frequently, i am noticing real savings every month on the amount of detergent i am using and i think the softener is actually paying for itself! I would recommend EWT to everyone, the filter has improved everything i thought it would and more.

    Anne Battle , Brentwood, Essex

    I had the gold softener installed 4 weeks back. Unfortunately it has not made any difference. Still see lime scales on the tap, shower screen, etc. Did a test with the tester EWT engineer provided during the installation, and it showed the water is still hard. Spoke to customer services, they have sent me a video link to try out before an engineer is sent out which I think is not a great customer service asking the customer to try out the trouble shooting as a process of elimination. The salt has not been used up at all, hardly 20% used up in almost 4 weeks. Hopefully, their video provides sufficient information to find out the issue. But would have been helpful if an engineer was sent out to find the fault/issue. Had left few messages to call back when I reported the issue for the first time with the customer service, but had no call backs.

    Ganesh Kavassery , STAINES-UPON-THAMES

    We've had our EWT Gold Series water softener & water filter system for a year now, and have been very impressed with it. Most noticeable is how quick and simple to clean the bathroom is now with no more limescale to scrub away. A cup of tea tastes so much better too with a limescale free kettle. We've just had our first efficency check which was carried out very professionally by the EWT engineer, very polite and respectful. If you've been thinking of purchasing a water softener system, then I would strongly recommend EWT. A very professional outfit.

    Neil wright , Ramsey close

    I had a soft water installation completed yesterday and I am SO impressed with the service and the engineer. The installation was not a simple one due to my kitchen arrangements but the engineer was fantastic. I cannot recommend him highly enough.My water is amazing at home now. What a great company you have and service too. Thank you, Suzie

    Suzie , Christchurch

    I had my water softener installed last summer and I am very pleased that I did. The whole installation was quick, efficient and not disruptive at all. I no longer have limescale in my bathroom, around the taps, on the draining board in the kitchen or on my glassware. My skin is liking it too and I no longer have problems with dry skin and eczema. I use less shampoo and other products too. The drinking water is lovely and I have saved so much money not buying bottled water. I am however, upset with the administration side, having been trying to set up a direct debit for the maintenance/aftercare and service, since the autumn 2014, the company still have not managed to take a direct debit which effectively means I am not 'covered'.

    Sandy Tester , West Sussex

    We received a very professional and efficient service from EWT. From the Customer Service Staff to the Engineers, everyone is knowledgeable about the products and offer great advice. We had our water softener installed in February 2014, and have noticed a significant difference - living in a hard water area I was scrubbing our Quartz kitchen worktop and shower screens every week to remove limescale and now use a light everyday cleaner with no effort; plus my son and I no longer suffer from dry skin. We highly recommend EWT for great quality, reliable service and fab product!

    Ravinder , Penn

    I have know had the water sofner for just over 18 months and quite honestly think to myself why I didn't get one many years ago. It's absolutley fantastc, no scale on our new shower, bath/basin taps,kitchen sink, kettle etc. I would strongle reccomend it. The service that goes with it is just as good.

    MR SIAN , Chipping Sodbury

    Noticed the difference within days. I can clean the shower screen and now it doesn't get marks after the first shower. Amazingly enough the water appears hotter without amending the boiler settings AND I use half the amount of shampoo, soap, detergent etc. My hair and skin are softer. So many benefits I wish we'd got a water softener years ago. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and the engineer was polite and super efficient. Great product and great company to deal with.

    Chris Warner , Bedingham

    We had our new Water Filter fitted yesterday and we are delighted with it. Already we have noticed the difference in having softer water. The customer service has been excellent and it was a pleasant surprise to receive a phone call from the engineer to confirm exactly what time he was coming. He was polite and efficient and we are really impressed with the overall service. Thank you EWT

    Carol Wade , Priors Barton

    Excellent service and cost effective product. We have had the system a year now. It uses approx 3 bags of salt per year. The installation was quick and professional. I get updates by text to remind me when to top up the salt and a yearly service/filter replacement. I am very satisfied.

    sandra codlin , Maidstone

    We read a feature in the Telegraph and thought we'd give EW Technologies a call. The sales staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. They arranged for an engineer to visit. We were impressed by Chris too. He fitted the softener and cleaned up after himself too. That was 3 months ago and the limescale has nearly all gone. Our taps and shower look brand new, the kettle and steamer are clean. We are saving money on cleaning products too, we hardly need to use any shampoo, washing up liquid or washing powder. EW Technologies told us this would happen but you have to see it for yourself to believe it! The customer service didn't stop there, we get a monthly text to remind us to add the salt, very helpful with such busy lives. We cannot recommend this company enough and the product is amazing. Try it for yourself!!

    Mr Ken Simpkins , Wootton Bassett

    Terry & Maureen Hillier WORTHING We had EWT water softener fitted one month ago by a very pleasant and proficient engineer. nothing was too much trouble giving us a choice of locations to fit the unit. We live on down land chalk with really hard water with the ever lasting problem with lime scale. From the day it was fitted the shower is now like new, stainless sink and taps sparkling cannot recommend highly enough. The free filtered drinking water tap is better than bottled.

    TERRY HILLIER , Shepherds Mead, Worthing, West Sussex
  • 05/04/2014: We have the water softener since the end of January.We are very pleased with the results, right from the beginning you can see the difference in the water, everything shines...sinks in the kitchen, bathroom, there's not scale anymore and the showers are nicer to the skin and hair.The engineer who fitted the unit was very nice and the staff on the phone also.Its a great investment. We also had a water filter fitted in the kitchen sink so no more spending in filters. thank you very much.

    Pilar Maigret , Calverton Road. East London

    I had the EWT Gold Series water softener and drinking system installed a couple of months ago and there is a noticeable difference in the build up of limescale. Cleaning the shower screen is easy again! The free drinking water system is very good.

    Gary Maslin , Devizes

    I wasn't sure how the Water softener works as the Stop cork wasn't available under my kitchen sink.But the engineer who came to look found an alternative option that was easy and convenient for me. Also he explained how the system works. From the call I made initially until installation it was a seamless process. I would recommend EWT. Pleasure to deal with.

    Thas Bala , Sturry

    Since being fitted in 2013 all the hard water has gone, no more limescale in the shower or hard water spots in the kettles. Highly recommend the machine as it has done wonders for us.

    Darren , Croydon

    18/02/2014: We have had our water softener installed for 8 months now and the whole family are loving the softness in the water when we have a bath or shower. Best investment we ever made. Thank you.

    Morag , cornwallis avenue

    17/12/2013 Since having our water softener fitted in November we have really noticed the difference, and are absolutely delighted with it. No more buying limescale remover,taps bath sinks spotless. This really is worth having if you live in a hard water area.Staff explain everything when you contact them.The engineer was very pleasant and carried out the work professionally with no mess! Would highly recommend this company there product really does work.

    F FIGONI , Eltham, London

    I have been waiting 10 years to fit a water softener & now at long last I have, well I'm speechless, I knew it would make a difference but what a difference. Thankx EWT great service.

    huseyin , Bays Lane, Sidcup

    It has been approximately 4 weeks since we had a water softener installed and we must say it is one of the best decisions we have made. There has been a distinct improvement in the feel and quality of our water. I wish I had done it many years ago, but the one thing that put us off was the price. That is until we saw the advert from EWT. We were still a little uncertain as the advertised cost was almost half of previous quotes we received. However, we did not need to worry as the price quoted is correct. Right from our first telephone call to the fitter leaving our house the process was excellent. I cannot fault the quality of the product, installation and service we have received. In addition we also now have superb filtered drinking water. Thank you very much.

    David kendall , whitstable

    The EWT Gold Series is an excellent product, very cheap to run and very efficient on Salt usage

    John Norfolk , Brightlingsea

    We had our gold range softener fitted on 17th June and today is the 20th june This has got to be one of the best investments we have put in to the house The drinking water taste so much better ( I couldn't drink the water before as it tasted too chalky to me ) And as for taking a shower don't make my mistake of using the usual amount of shampoo Only use half the amount as the water is so soft it lathers up so much more you will be making savings on all of your soap products Also we would clean the shower and the very next day we would have lime scale reappearing We live in Margate Kent and sit on top of chalk so our water is full of lime scale We have no sign of any lime scale either in the shower or on the stainless steel sink unit. I wish we had bought one of these years ago

    Robert Kingham , Arlington gardens Margate

    A month exactly since our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was installed and what a big change - the list of improvements is vast - softer hair, softer laundry, softer skin, no more limescale on taps... the list goes on. Our water was very hard and now that we have a water softener, we don't know how we have managed without all this time and would never go back to being without one. Thank you EWT for your quality service from sales to installation!

    Ebby Niyazi , BECKENHAM

    I had the water softener and drinking system installed a couple of months ago and there is a noticeable difference in the build up of limescale. Cleaning the shower screen is easy again! The free drinking water system is very good. The engineer had to travel from the South East but was friendly, professional and courteous throughout. Would definately recommend.

    Paul Harcombe , Goldfinch Road, Melksham

    We have had our EWT for a week and its wonderful! it does everything it is advertised for: soft water, soft skin , clothes easy cleaning, clogged showerheads are gone, and tea & coffee taste so much better, we wish we had had this years ago , good buy & good service

    Janice Clarke , Shrewsbury

    I had the EWT Gold Series water softener recently installed and have already noticed the difference in the limescale buildup and how much softer the water is when taking a shower. The water lathers up better and I no longer have to use products such as Calgon in my washing machine. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    Jean Prentice , LUTON

    Very glad we decided to install the EWT Gold Seriesr as the whole house benefits from soft water and my skin is not as dry as it was before. Now just waiting for the limescale deposits in the water system to dissolve.The installer was great and installed the system in no time.

    jack patel , hounslow

    Had such an easy and hassle free installation with good amount of verbal communication and instructions. Would recommend to friends and family.

    Anjum Tabassum ,

    My Water Softener was installed on 31.01.2013, efficiently and quickly, by personable engineers. The effects were soon very noticeable - softer feel to water for washing both in the kitchen and in both showers. During the past 5 months, the change to the general water use in the household appliances, i.e. kettle no longer has a build up of lime scale, the taps throughout the house are always much brighter, the showers are certainly much clearer and of course the washing machine has benefitted. Plus of course, less shampoo needed in the showers and a much lower thermostat setting. All in all, the Water Softener is a welcome addition to the household and a definite must. Thanks EWT

    Peter Tremlin , Sutton

    A great product .we noticed the differance within weeks.Installed to a very high standard.

    paul adkins , St Mildred Avenue, Broadstairs

    Pls do not use ewt technologies, they charged me £50 for engineer visit to check the feasibility .. no one turned up .. called them after few days asking for refund and call from manager explaining what happened .. nothing happens yet .. they the money .. no one came .. no refund .. no apologies .. nothing ..what do you think ?

    Francis , Watform

    After installing the EWT 606 Gold series water softener and filter we have seem dramatic differences within the first week! Firstly the installation by the engineer was very professional. Pipework was all neat and tidy and we kept the option of having hard water for the garden and soft water everywhere else in the house. Secondly the cleaning has improved 100% and our skin definitly feels softer. One of my neighbours has already booked their installation based on my recommendation. Well done EWT!

    ARORA , Croxley Green

    Thanks EWT, enjoying soft water at last. Love the drinking water tap too. Fitter was great, very knowledgable. Alan, Hertfordshire

    Alan Clarke , Garston

    Very good service from the engineer, the product does what it says on the tin. Great improvements in skin.

    Rajesh , Croydon

    Thought I would wait a few months before I sent a review on EWT's Gold Series Water softener.So here goes Water tastes better Tea taste better.Taps sinks and especially the shower screen are sparkling and don't need cleaning everyday like I use to do.Hair and skin feels softer and soap and shampoo lasts a lot longer.Have already recommended the EWT Gold series to a neighbour and he is also getting it fitted fitted after tasting our water

    Iris Valentine , Orpington

    17/01/2014: I just wanted to say a big thank you to EWT and particularly to your engineer. The product is great and we are now enjoying softened water which keeps all our appliances clean and bright and helps my dry skin. The engineer was a fantastic chap who is so helpful and polite, he plumbed in my system and despite coming up against a few problems (created by us not him) he did a first class job. Also I have found that every time I have contacted EWT the staff are all so polite and helpful and if they say they will ring you back they do. Thank you EWT I wish all companies were like you

    John Geden , Hayling Isalnd, Hampshire

    we have installed our water filter in may last eight months there is a big change in our water quality, there is no lime scale on any tabs, tea kettle,dish washer gives crystle clear dishes glasses. we use very less washingup liquid, less cleaning products. big savings. ewt engineer has done very good job installing under the sink in avery limited space. i personally recommend EWT for the water filter.

    Harshad patel , kingston upon thames

    I moved to a new home and thought it would be good to start with soft water. Having lived in other countries for more than 20 years and never experienced hard water, it is quite unpleasant - a lot of lime scale in showers and washing machines, hard hair and flaky face (had to start using face cream) is not making you life easy to be frank. Booking and installation was easy and quick. It would be beneficial if £45 a year for salt was mentioned on the inquiry call and the fact that power required for softener to pump waste out. I am sure it is mentioned somewhere in T&C but a quick courtesy reminder would help. Drinking water tap has been installed as well - water is no different from what it was... channel it through Britta and you can taste and see the difference instantly. My friend also took sample to check how good the filter is – in brief Britta works far better. I will review quality of water after next scheduled service.rnBut overall, I think it is a great machine, must have item in every household. Saves you money and effort.

    Konstantins Jegorovs , Wimbledon

    Had the softener fitted on 8th August and am absolutely thrilled with it. The egg saucepan is beginning to loose all the lime scale and the kettle clean as a whistle. Use much less cleaning products, soap and shampoo and the stainless steel sink, which stained terribly, is now as good as new. Would definitely recommend this system. Thanks.

    Helen Pyle , Dungarvan

    07/10/2013 I agree with all reviewers, service excellent,personel polite and agreeable. As well as the usual benefits we found one that we didn't expect. We allways use a china teapot and it was always a chore to clean and in the end we had to resort to using baby bottle steriliser solution to get it clean. After one week of installation we noticed that the teapot had no staining whatsoever so that was a welcome bonus.

    Richard Benbow , St.Albans

    I've now had the EWT Gold Series water softner for more than 3 months. The installer was very friendly and helpful. Completed the installation fairly quickly, and to our satisfaction. As the contents of our large Megaflow tank were slowly replaced by the soft water, we started seeing the benefits. After bath, our skin and hair started feeling much smoother than before. Our soap and shampoo utilisation had gone down significantly. The shower glass started staying clean for a long time, without any limescale deposits on it. So our cleaning costs have gone down as well. The clean water drinking system is quite good as well and keeps supplying us with pure drinking water. Well pleased, and one of our friends had already got this system installed after hearing our experience. Highly recommended.

    Narayana Kondreddi , Laindon

    Hi I have ordered some salt it supposed to be delivered on 19th Sep, my wife waited for whole day, no one come, I run out salt already. can you ask your engineer to call me, who should I contact if your engineer did not do what they suppose to do? where can I then I called your customer services, someone rearranged on today 1st Oct, so far still not one turned up yet, shall I carry on waiting....? complain? Gang Guo

    Gang Guo , Dartford
  • Extremely happy with our Gold Series system. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

    Shaziakamran , Slough

    Engineer was really great and personable as his knowledge and skills enabled an excellent fitting which at times I thought would not be possible. The changes were noticeable immediately in the kitchen, shower and washing machine. Just wish I had bought it years ago.

    David Clay , Lowestoft

    10/5/14 My installation took three and a half hours. The engineer was very polite and respectful, as were those I spoke to on the 'phone. There was no mess or noise involved. So far I have no complaints about my water softener and hope to enjoy the benefits for years to come. I love the tap for filtered water. I would recommend this company to friend looking to install a similar product. Thank you.

    Gail Smart , Leytonstone

    Had our installation, mid Dec 2014. Definitely a difference in the water as we are beginning to use less soap everywhere. What I like most is the filtered drinking water system-the water is so good, it has increase my water intake which is definitely good for my health. A big thank you to the engineer who was very friendly and obviously is not a cowboy and knows his job. Another plus for the company- friendly customer service , even when the receptionist could not help, she was polite in taking the details and promised a call back. However, I am still not convinced about the cost- I was told a bag of salt will last 2 months but it seems it will last only a month! I will also like to know how to gauge the quantity of salt being used in order to be able to plan for the replacement. Thank you all.

    Dr Grace Macaulay , Cambridge

    I have had my EWT softener and drinking tap fitted for 2 weeks now. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend this to anyone with eczema in the household. The engineer was also very professional and patient and left everything tidy.


    26/01/2014: After more than 2 weeks of installation , I have noticed my kettle limescale free for the first time. Everyone in the family was amazed.The water tasted much,much better.Not to mention everyone is taking longer shower because the water feels fantastic. My wife's only complain is why didn't I had this system installed much earlier!!

    carlos n rarugal , Cricklewood, London

    The water has been very good since I have had my EWT softener installed. I have noticed there to be no more limescale build up in the Kettle, taps, sink and shower and my dishwasher seems to be making my dishes a lot cleaner and shinier. We have both noticed that our hair is a lot softer after showering and are very happy with how the softener was installed. The customer service shown was faultless and I would happily recommend them.

    John Thomas, , Grosvenor Road, Ashford

    Since having my EWT water softener installed I have noticed the water quality get much better, and the overall experience from my first call through to the installation was faultless. The main areas I notice the improvement is on my taps- I used to have a continuous stream of white limescale gathering around my taps and I’m so glad that it has completely gone. I have noticed my kettle is no longer scaling up which I am also happy about.

    Mrs Jolly , Taberet Close, Ashford

    20/01/2014 We are very pleased with the unit installed and it is definitely doing its job. We are using less products and our skin feels soft

    Debbie Brewin , Epsom, Surrey

    One month on from installation, we have seen a vast difference in our water system throughout the whole house, all the chrome fittings now shine again and look like new, the shower screen can be dried down in no time at all and it is streak free, the washbasin now shines again,(no more scum deposits) the drinking water now has a fresh mountain spring taste. "WELL DONE" EWT The work of installation was done and completed within a couple of hours, the engineer was polite and courteous, we are more than pleased with the system "Thank You" Kind regards Ray & Sheila Carlton

    RAY CARLTON , Emmanual Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire

    Lime scale is so bad in our area, but we stupidly put up with it for years. If only we had had this fitted sooner! It is wonderful to be able to do the housework and see results that last rather than everything covered in limescale within a very short time of cleaning.

    Angela Newitt , Gosling Close, Poole

    We Applied Ewt softener 3 months back i am quite impressed with the results. From the stage of order to fitting to after sales services all the staff people are very nice and helpful.

    Apnav , Queensbury

    Very happy with EWT water softener. I am very pleased with the quality of the water now, no more scale. I would highly recommend EWT water softener to other people.

    Harvey Chand , Bedford

    My EWT water softener has greatly improved the water in my house, the drinking water s2000 drinking water system I had is great and my water tastes much nicer! The service I received from the first call through to the install has been great and the installer was extremely friendly and helpul. Thanks EWT

    Daxesh Patel , High Street, Woodford Green

    We had a water softener installed a month ago. The engineer was very professional and extremely polite and helpful. He did a very neat job all within a couple of hours. So far the all the lime scale has gone,in the bathroom the sink, bath and toilet stay bright and shiny. The shower is so much cleaner with no water marks on the panels. We would thoroughly recommend to anyone to get a water softener and in particular from EWT.

    Roger Stephens , Creasent Road, Shepperton

    Had a EWT water softner fitted in our last home,was so happy with it I have bought it with me and EWT will fit it soon so that our family in Southampton can enjoy all that it has to offer

    Stephen Bennett , Southampton

    The installation engineers were very efficient and quickly resolved any problems due to the existing plumbing set up. Already noticed the water feels softer and tea and coffee no longer has the limescale scum with an improved taste. I wished I had opted for a water softener and filter years ago.

    Richard Contreras , Woodside Drive, Dartford

    Polite and efficient engineers completed the installation in an hour. The difference in water quality was noticeable within 24 hours. Dishwasher and shower now scale free. Excellent.

    Don Edwards , Hughes Stanton Way, Manningtree, Essex

    The difference in water quality is very noticeable. First class installation having to be placed in a difficult position. At this moment in time very impressed with an excellent product.

    Malcolm Harman , Kreswell Grove, Harwich

    I could notice the difference straight away and wouldn't want to go back to hard water. Everything feels better from soft skin after a shower to a cup of tea tasting nicer. The EWT team are also very helpful,they are always available for advice and the free delivery of salt.

    Emma Carroll , Vaughan Avenue, Tonbridge

    Excellent service, was explained in detail of the process and also the job was done Neatly!! :) we can see the difference in the water already..


    We had our new water softener fitted this morning and we wanted to say how much your engineer is a credit to EW Technologies. He was exceedingly polite, tidy and ensured my wife and I new exactly how the softener worked and what to do if anything untoward should happen. I wish all home service providers had gentlemen of his standard working for them. The softener itself is very compact with a large salt bin. We ordered the metered unit due to its low water use while recirculating and the additional money we will save money over the softeners life in both water and salt. We also signed up to the silver maintenance plan, which having had a softener in a very hard water area before, is a must and very cheap as all parts, labour and the charcoal drinking tap filter are included as well as 5 bags of salt. Will update review in 6 months of use. Regards Simone and Ian.

    Ian Carter , Hoddesdon

    I cannot believe the difference the EWT Gold Series water softener has made, cleaning is so easy now and we have not had to replace a kettle. We have had this for one year now and if we moved, it would be one of the first things we would have installed.

    Mrs Drewett , Seer Green /Beaconsfield

    I spent years battling with water company saying that my hard water was effecting my skin causing ECZEMA and hard water in my area which they said was 100% ok...Finally rang EWT and got an EWT Gold Series water softener fitted. After 2 week i have no dry skin and my eczema is showing signs of recovering :-). My first impression was a cleaner softer taste when i made pasta etc. My new soft water has already broke down lime scale around the kitchen tap and in the kettle and this is no longer visible. The free G1 drinking system is also great. Thank you EWT well worth the investment. i also drink loads of water daily.

    Sandeep Balu , Hayes

    Since having our water softener installed 4 weeks ago we have already noticed the difference in the quality of the water and the change in limescale around our appliances. We were buying kettles every six months but haven't noticed any limescale over the four weeks. Our hair and skin feels softer and we use less shampoo and shower gel when showering, also there is no build up of limescale on our glass shower screens, they are now much easier to clean . We were very pleased with the service we received from EWT, the engineers were reliable, knowledgeable and helpful and the price was excellent. If you are thinking about purchasing a Water softener we would recommend EWT everytime for great quality and service.

    John Wanstall , Mill Hill, Ashford

    Wow. What a difference the EWT Gold Series has made to us. The shower screen is now clean all of the time. Very polite and helpful engineers. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to family or friends. The service is second to none.

    Mark Slater , Welwyn Garden City

    We have had the softener that was swiftly fitted by EW since last November. It is all they said it was and easy to refill. Our taps, shower and kettle are the most evident proof followed by the dishwasher and washing machine. Cleaning the car is easier and there is less worry about the water marks that were left on it beforehand. Martin

    Martin Cullimore , Waterlooville

    14/5/14 Had my system installed on 19th April by an EWT engineer( very nice guy). Everything went nice and smoothly and it was up and running in about 3 hours from his arrival. With just over 3 weeks gone since installation all I can say is I only wish I had done it sooner. All the claims made on the website seem to be true. The water coming out of the shower head feels silky smooth, using less detergents in our washing machine etc, and having had a new boiler installed about 2 years ago am hoping that any limescale build up will go in a period of time to make even better energy savings for us. The drinking water tap fitted is really nice if you just want a glass of water, like having a Britta filter on tap. But the good thing is that the softened water tap is still great for making tea or coffee with absolutely no taste difference at all as far as I can tell. I can happily endorse this product and company after putting it off for far to long.

    Norman Whitlock , Essex

    We had our system done last week and it all seems to be very good and would recommend this softener other people.

    hitesh jasani , ha7inf

    We have immediately noticed the difference in water quality, although the improvements keep coming as the water system washes through. Very happy with the product and the service. The engineer fitted the softener unit and filter in no time at all. Thanks.

    Andrew Whibley , Aldgate