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Loving it.

  • Great EWT 606 Gold Series softener easy to install and change salt etc. The customer service is second to none. I'm very happy with my decision all that research paid off. I would highly recommend this product.

    Manji siyani , Harrow

    23/01/2014: Quickly and efficiently installed. Immediately we had better lather for hair-washing and washing machine, no lime-scale dregs in coffee cups anymore and lovely drinking water. We live in an area with very serious lime-scale problems, but the EWT system has made this problem a thing of the past.

    JIm Cassidy , Elm, Wisbech

    Had our softener just over a year and no problems! Love the compact size - only takes up half a cupboard unlike others - and the difference in water quality is fantastic - highly recommended.

    Kathryn Moore , Great Ashfield

    02/01/2014 I can only say good news for the product and the service received. After 2 weeks we could really feel the effects of the softer water. 6 weeks in and all the limescale has removed from the shower. The service was so good from the engineer that fitted our unit we have recommended the company to 5 of our friends

    Adolf Fernandes , Rectory Park, South Croydon

    14/01/2014 It's been almost a year since we had our water softener installed. The installation was a straightforward process and the installers explained everything as they worked. The reduction in limescale was noticeable immediately and has just got better over time. No more scrubbing and scouring to clean the sink and shower, just a quick wipe and it's done. Descaling the kettle is not required any more and we have fitered drinking water on tap now. No more freshening tablets for the washing machine or dishwasher either and even the filters on the taps have pretty much cleaned themselves. It's the smartest purchase we've made ... just brilliant.

    Dave Mackay , Feltham, Middlesex

    06/10/2014 First of all my sincere apologies for the delay in sending this email. I wont't bore you with all the details but changing from Virgin to BT has been a nightmare!! However, we could not be more pleased with our softener. The very first indication of improvement was our kettle! Usually within a day or so of cleaning the lime scale away, we could see the issue cropping up again. With EWT's unit this did not happen and has still not occured! Hooray! Next was showering,wow, what a difference the softener has made! In a nutshell, we could not be more pleased so many thanks for all your help and installation. On this last point,I really must compliment your engineer, he was so helpful in everything during the installing on the OUTSIDE of our house. Very many thanks to all at ewt for your expertise. Regarda David Sandford

    David Sandford , Kettering, Nuneaton

    I have had my EWT water softener for a few months now and have noticed the water quality immediately got better after the install, the usual places like my sink and taps are now really shiny and I have no more limescale in my home!

    Mr Chan , Agger Avenue, Dagenham

    Engineer was really great and personable as his knowledge and skills enabled an excellent fitting which at times I thought would not be possible. The changes were noticeable immediately in the kitchen, shower and washing machine. Just wish I had bought it years ago.

    David Clay , Lowestoft

    We had installation recently and was very pleased with the service. We find that our skin now feels different and the housework much reduced saving time and effort cleaning water marks and stains from surfaces. Very pleased so far and have referred to others.

    Marion May , Harrow

    I can highly recommend EW water specialist. The installation was quick and it seems they know exactly what they are doing. The water quality is much better.

    Rene von Reth , Eltham

    the ewt not only supply the gold series system,but great customer servies! My kitchen and bathroom had beena big different since the system was installed. the engineer did a great and neat job,he is very friendly too. i will stongly recommend the EWT to my friends.

    TAO JIANG , Blanchardstown dublin 15

    We had the gold series water softener fitted by EWT after having done research on different types water softener manufactures. But I found that theEWT gold series was the best in terms of efficiency and water wastage during regeneration process of the softener . The Engineer was polite and friend and was knowledgeable ,he new what he was doing and installation was done professionally . His workmanship was very good . I have noticed within a few days that the kitchen sink is scale free and there are no water marks left when it's dry.

    Khimji Gajperia , Edgware

    03/12/2013 I had the system fitted 4 weeks ago. Living in a very hard water area I had some doubts about the claims made. In 4 weeks I have seen a dramatic change in the water quality both in general use and drinking water. An example would be the kettle. We cleaned this every month for lime scale, but since fitting it is as clear and clean as it it were new. I use less water softener and have noticed a dramatic improvement in the laundry and washer. All in all a sound purchase which I can easily recommend to anyone.

    Bob Nesbit , Station Road, Minety

    Use of softened water gives showering more pleasant feel plus makes walls, screen and taps easier to clean. One may know about it, but can be fully appreciated only if water softener is used. After initial installation, we upgraded to metered head and it made significant difference to salt usage. Definitely woul recommend EWT Gold 606 water softener. After sale care and service also top range.

    Don Nemcic , Romford

    Extremely happy with our Gold Series system. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you.

    Shaziakamran , Slough

    I had your water softener installed 1 year ago and deliberately waited to see if there were any problems, before submitting a review.The Lime has disappear, the water tastes good and the water is just different. It's the smartest purchase we've made.I would recommend EWT to any of my friends.

    Ivelin Ivanov , Morden

    I purchased a Groupon Deal for an EWT water softener back in February 2015 having spoken to EWT to discuss both an upgrade and an idea of when it could be installed. I was informed that an upgrade was possible on the day and that installation is normally 4-6 weeks. Here I am almost at the end of April and still no water softener installed. Although a date of the 27th of April was confirmed, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d taken a day off work and waited in all day, the top engineer failed to appear. I phoned EWT at 13:00 hours to confirm that the installation was still booked and was informed that it was; however, I then called again at 14:45 to be told that the date had been changed to the 29th without my knowledge or agreement. I asked via email for the MD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s email; however, that was not forwarded. The company boasts of being an award winner or in the running for some European award, clearly the only award they deserve is one of poor service and failure to meet the low standard they set themselves. If the MD reads this, which I doubt; if you want to win any more awards, get a grip of your managers as they are not doing what you pay them for!! I would not recommend EWT to anyone until a suitable cull has taken place! Nick Rushby

    Nick Rushby , Bicker Bar

    This is a great product and definitely value for money. The engineer who came around for installation was very efficient and friendly. Having the water softener has already started to demonstrate its benefits. Few of them that we are already seeing within 2 weeks 1. No more limescale in the kettle and stops us worrying about having to do the vinegar treatment every 3 days. 2.The regular shower cubicle scrubbing due to watermarks has gone. 3. The dryness in the skin has greatly reduced 4. The dishes from the dishwasher now sparkles and seems like from a new dishwasher. 5. No more spots near the washbasins and kitchen sink. Not sure how we managed without it until now :) Greatly recommend this product both for quality and price.

    Sharath Shetty , St. Angnells Lane, Hemel Hempstead

    We had our water softener fitted two days ago by Chris a brilliant engineer and Alax a trainee. Chris was the most patient of tutors to Alax, and he in turn was extremely keen to learn, so you have a good engineer in the making! Both young men were so pleasant and helpful and the job was done so efficiently, and without any fuss. Already we have noticed the scaling in our kettle disappearing, and the drinking water tastes so good. We would recommend your firm anytime. Rosemary Nutley

    Rosemary Nutley , Poole

    A month exactly since our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener was installed and what a big change - the list of improvements is vast - softer hair, softer laundry, softer skin, no more limescale on taps... the list goes on. Our water was very hard and now that we have a water softener, we don't know how we have managed without all this time and would never go back to being without one. Thank you EWT for your quality service from sales to installation!

    Ebby Niyazi , BECKENHAM

    Had EWT 606 Gold Series softener for 10 months now and working and softening very well .. EWT give excellent service and can wholeheartedly recommend

    Mark collins , Coates

    We have had the system installed since April 2013 and have seen the difference in the water. My kettle does not have scale, taps are cleaner and skin feels soft. Cleaning the bathroom has never been easier. I no longer buy any lime scale remover products,, I am very pleased with the system and highly would recommend this system.

    Pria Vadher , Forest Gate

    16/01/2014: Saw article in Saturdays telegraph and emailed an enquiry. was contacted on monday and system installed on tuesday. The main installer was pleaseant knowledgeable and reassuring. I upgraded my sytem but am satisfied that was the right decision. The installation was quick and did not cause too much mess. Although the fitters were running late due to weather conditions they phoned to say so. I am happy I did this and have already recommended your system Sue Rorstad

    sue rorstad , Wootton Fitzpaine, Bridport


    JOHN ARNOLD , Bercha Rd, New Eltham

    We read a feature in the Telegraph and thought we'd give EW Technologies a call. The sales staff were knowledgeable and very helpful. They arranged for an engineer to visit. We were impressed by Chris too. He fitted the softener and cleaned up after himself too. That was 3 months ago and the limescale has nearly all gone. Our taps and shower look brand new, the kettle and steamer are clean. We are saving money on cleaning products too, we hardly need to use any shampoo, washing up liquid or washing powder. EW Technologies told us this would happen but you have to see it for yourself to believe it! The customer service didn't stop there, we get a monthly text to remind us to add the salt, very helpful with such busy lives. We cannot recommend this company enough and the product is amazing. Try it for yourself!!

    Mr Ken Simpkins , Wootton Bassett

    Had a EWT water softner fitted in our last home,was so happy with it I have bought it with me and EWT will fit it soon so that our family in Southampton can enjoy all that it has to offer

    Stephen Bennett , Southampton

    We had a water softener installed a month ago. The engineer was very professional and extremely polite and helpful. He did a very neat job all within a couple of hours. So far the all the lime scale has gone,in the bathroom the sink, bath and toilet stay bright and shiny. The shower is so much cleaner with no water marks on the panels. We would thoroughly recommend to anyone to get a water softener and in particular from EWT.

    Roger Stephens , Creasent Road, Shepperton

    Water is very hard in our area. but after installing Gold Series water softener from EWT, we can really feel the difference in the water. there is no more limescale in our water anymore. very good product. highly recommended. real value for money.

    JAYDEEP PATEL , Watford

    We are pleased with the installation of our EWT Gold Series water softener and the service. There is a remarkable difference in the quality of water since we have had this installed at home. .

    Deepti N , Slough

    I've had my EWT water softener installed a short while now but I can say I noticed the difference immediately. I have noticed the kettle is descaling, and my taps are staying free of limescale but the main thing I noticed was how amazing my shower has been! My skin feels far softer after washing, I have had to alter how much shampoo's and body wash I was using as the water is so much softer and lathers up really easily!

    Michael Joyce , Christ Church Road, Ashford
  • 03/03/2014 The Gold Series Softener was installed in August 2013 and I have delayed leaving a review for some months to allow time for any possible problems to arise. Delighted to say none have. Installation was completed efficiently and without fuss and started enjoying the benefits of softened water in the house within a relatively short period of time. Not only is washing and bathing so much nicer and more efficient but I am making significant financial savings on previously purchased bottled drinking water and limescale prevention tablets. I had been toying with the idea of a softener for years without doing anything about it - wish I had done it ages ago now!

    Roger Corkhill , Hythe Road, Ashford

    I had my gold series water softener installed last week & it has already made a huge difference to my water supply usage. Water is un believably soft, lighter & much nicer to use. It makes skin really soft, shower gel & soap give plenty of foam. This is some thing I had experienced when on holiday in Cornwall, Devon or Scotland. I am confident to say that you don't need to go to Scotland,Scotland comes to you! It equally has made a big difference to the drinking water due to water filter installation. Water out of the tap taste just as good as mineral water bottles. No more lime scale in the catle & marks on the taps. All in all myself & my family are really happy with the system & I am glad I have made the right choice. Definitely recommend it.

    Zak Kiani , Orpington

    Mr. J patel. The EWT Gold Series water softener has already made a difference in a short time.Very good technologies and a great company team to deal with. Thank you.

    Jayant Patel , Harrow

    Yesterday I got installed my 606G Gold series. The installation was really quick less than 2 hours and the technician did all in a very clean and tidy manner. About the product it looks nice, hard and durable. It takes a little bit of space, but not so much as I thought.

    Jose Garcia , Swindon

    We had installation recently and was very pleased with the service. We find that our skin now feels softer and the housework has reduced a lot saving time and effort cleaning water marks and stains from surfaces. Very pleased so far and have referred to others.

    Marion May , Harrow

    We had this softner installed as it was highly recommended by our friend. We are glad that we did because we could see the results straight away. No more limescales on shower panels or taps and the skin feels better too. The engineer who installed the system was very efficient and knew his job well. Highly recommended if you have hardwater problems.

    Rajiv Mohan , Staines-Upon-Thanms

    We had a water softener installed about 2 months ago. The installation process was straightforward and the engineer did a good job of explaining everything and tidying up. We have noticed less limescale since the softener was installed, and are happy with the free filtered water tap.

    Ian Birdsey , Walton on Thames

    I have been waiting 10 years to fit a water softener & now at long last I have, well I'm speechless, I knew it would make a difference but what a difference. Thankx EWT great service.

    huseyin , Bays Lane, Sidcup

    20/09/2014 Excellent service and product. Direct Debit saves money and gives peace of mind. Highly Recommended.

    MR W Dodgson , Dereham, Ipswich

    This product has already made a difference in the short time we had had this. A great solution and a great team.

    Nick Rathod , North View, Pinner

    I had the EWT Gold Series water softener and drinking system installed a couple of months ago and there is a noticeable difference in the build up of limescale. Cleaning the shower screen is easy again! The free drinking water system is very good.

    Gary Maslin , Devizes

    I ordered a replacement water filter and it has been three weeks since you taken my money and did not provide the item. I called 5 times after that asking for it, first you claimed I will get it within 48 hours but it never arrived. I called again and few times after that, each time I just got through the receptionist who refused to put me through to somebody who can help with me and instead just passing on a message for somebody to call me back. Nobody called me back! The latest was, for somebody to call me back this Monday. Ewt took my money and did not deliver. Yo guys are scamming people with your substandard service.

    Ezura Ghazali , Orpington

    Very happy with EWT water softener. I am very pleased with the quality of the water now, no more scale. I would highly recommend EWT water softener to other people.

    Harvey Chand , Bedford

    Delighted with our new EWT water softener. The kettle and shower are free from limescale. We have lovely clean and fresh drinking water and the house house so much easier to clean. Would recommend to all

    mary kelly , mountmellick

    09/04/2014: I received a leaflet through my front door and decided to do some research on the company and its products. Everything i read was positive. Arranging the appointment for installation was simple and straightforward. I had my appointment booked for 9.00am and i was called in advanced to be advised the operative was on his way. I was very impressed with the way the engineer conducted his work in my house he explained the installation process and how the system worked and also asked me if i have any special requirements with regards to installation. His works was very clean and tidy and to a very high quality. Before leaving he checked everything twice and talked me through what i needed to do and when. The paperwork that was required was simple and was completed in under 5 minutes. I wish i could deal with more companies that had workmen like EWT. The Engineer i had was a true credit to the company. I would highly recommend EWT and it products to anyone.

    Mital Patel , Shenley Village, Harfordshire

    The engineer arrived at the scheduled appointment slot and installed the unit in no time at all, with very little disruption. He was extremely polite, efficient and tidy. He explained everything in easy to understand terms with no jargon. The unit itself is very neat and compact and started doing to job immediately. Absolutely delighted with the service from beginning to end - nice to deal with an efficient company.

    Brian Beal , Glenfield Drive, Hull

    07/04/2014: I'm a retired Project Manager and I had our EWT 606G water softener with free G1 S2000 drinking water system fitted a few days ago. I'm really pleased with the massive difference that the new system has already made to the quality of our water supply in the kitchen, utility room, bathroom, cloakroom and shower room. The EWT Engineer that came to install the system was absolutely fantastic from the moment he arrived punctually at the front door. Nothing was too much trouble and his attitude to customer care was exemplary. I can see why he has been selected to train other Engineers within the Company as his work was faultless and he was extremely proficient in everything that he did when installing the system. Along with these qualities his 'can do' attitude was outstanding throughout the installation process. He is a valued asset within your Company. EWT - a faultless performance from the start of the project when dealing with the sales advisor, right through to your Installation Engineer. 10 out of 10. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your Company to my friends and relatives

    John Kistner , Manor Drive, Epsom

    02/05/2014 We have had our water softener for 2 days and we are already noticing a difference in the drinking water. The engineer who fitted the device was fantastic and friendly, he explained everything to us clearly. The custom!er service has been great from the start. We are very pleased with EWT and we shall be recommending them to all our family and friends.

    Dinesh Kotecha , Wembley

    I was dubious at first as to whether the EWT Gold Series 500 water softener would actually meet all the claims made about it. I am delighted to say that it has exceeded my expectations! From my initial enquiry through to final completion the team at EWT have been exceptional. The installation was done swiftly and the finished product - the water itself - is marvellous. No more lime scale in the shower cubicle or the taps. Brilliant! I thoroughly recommend EWT.

    Jan Hatt , Loughton

    The engineer that installed my water softener (Lewis) was very efficient and competant and knew exactly what he was doing and could answer all my questions straight away. I live in a very hard water area and have noticed that the lime scale has been much reduced and hopefully it will make the central heating more efficient too.

    Bill Belton , Margate

    Water feels great when washing hands or shaving. Clothing comes out of washing machine noticeably cleaner. Lime scale marks round plugholes & in loos have disappeared. Well worth the cost of installing.

    Michael McHaffie , Loxwood Farm Place, Loxwood, Billinghurst

    13/03/2014: We have just completed a month with our new softener. Very pleased with both the installation - which was complicated but very efficiently carried out. We live in an extremely hard water area and the transformation has been very obvious. We love it - even the dogs love the filtered water - quite amazing

    Jan Pawsey , Kirton End, Boston

    As a natural cynic I thought this was too good to be true.But It Is!!!! I wish I had done this years ago. Hair is amazingly soft and no horrid lime scale on shower or appliances. You won't regret having this installed so if you are in two minds take the plunge. Chris provided an excellent service during installation.

    Tina Morgan , Conqueror Drive, Gillingham

    Machine is OK but there service terrible. They should have come to service the machine and fit a replacement water filter and deliver 6 bags salt. This was on 22nd January. No one arrived no message to say why. I thought someone would call the next day to apologise. Nothing. Since then I have called their office 5 times but unable to speak to customer services or a manager. The girl who answered the phone said someone would get back to me. But nothing. It is now 17 days since I placed the order. I think that maybe they are going out of business so I WOULD NOT ORDER anything from them.

    Bill Turner , Watford

    We have our water softener installed for almost a year and the difference is amazing. The water is soft to shower in and makes a noticeably different taste to tea. There is no more limescale around my taps and showers saving us time cleaning and putting an end to the need for limescale removers. I can only imagine the good it is doing for my electrical goods.

    Richard Shaw, Herne Bay , Kent

    05/04/2014: We have the water softener since the end of January.We are very pleased with the results, right from the beginning you can see the difference in the water, everything shines...sinks in the kitchen, bathroom, there's not scale anymore and the showers are nicer to the skin and hair.The engineer who fitted the unit was very nice and the staff on the phone also.Its a great investment. We also had a water filter fitted in the kitchen sink so no more spending in filters. thank you very much.

    Pilar Maigret , Calverton Road. East London

    My in-laws had their system installed by EWT last year and raved about the product, so we had ours installed last week. The very friendly and helpful engineer arrived to install it, he took an hour to do everything and only went in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen, he didn't go into the loft or airing cupboard or anywhere else in the house. I left them to it and the area was immaculate when i returned to it. No fuss, fast install, no mess! The system is now beginning to work and we can tell the difference. I wish we'd decided to do it sooner. Many thanks.

    Sandie Dennis , Lavender Close, Bromley

    26/01/2014: After more than 2 weeks of installation , I have noticed my kettle limescale free for the first time. Everyone in the family was amazed.The water tasted much,much better.Not to mention everyone is taking longer shower because the water feels fantastic. My wife's only complain is why didn't I had this system installed much earlier!!

    carlos n rarugal , Cricklewood, London

    We had the EWT system installed last year and the water quality is absolutely wonderful Drinking water is available on a special tap and therefore we do not buy bottled water anymore Investment is fully worth it!

    Wickrama , Wimbledon

    We Applied Ewt softener 3 months back i am quite impressed with the results. From the stage of order to fitting to after sales services all the staff people are very nice and helpful.

    Apnav , Queensbury
  • Since being fitted in 2013 all the hard water has gone, no more limescale in the shower or hard water spots in the kettles. Highly recommend the machine as it has done wonders for us.

    Darren , Croydon

    Having had a very positive experience to start with we have had a disasterous experience with this year's service. The engineer left the power supply to the water softener disconnected, which resulted in the water supply being withheld from our dishwasher, resulting in the pump burning out = new dishwasher needed. We would have thought we were just unlucky had exactly the same thing not happened to my father's dishwasher on the same date just after having had his EWT water softener serviced by the same engineer. Customer service in following this up has been very disappointing indeed. Anyone can make a mistake but to deny responsibility for it is not acceptable.

    Angela Newitt , Gosling Close

    29/4/14 The difference in the water quality is amazing. The water is so soft and the filtered drinking water is great. The staff on the telephone, by email and in person (Fitters) were polite and helpful. Would fully recommend this product and company.

    Mrs Drewett , Seer Green /Beaconsfield

    We have had our EWT Water Softener for nearly a year & we also had a new bathroom fitted at the same time. The immediate benefit of the soft water showed first when our kettle no longer needed descaling each week & longer term our new bathroom is still shiny new with no evidence of limescale & lovely soft water.We would recommend EWT as installers & found their customer service to be excellent.

    Mrs Tracy Keech , ASHFORD

    13/03/2014 We have been looking at this water softener and drinking tap for over 2 years. We recently had it installed quickly and efficiently by a very good engineer and after 2 weeks limescale was not visible on the taps, shower screen and toilet. The water is silky smooth and feels great when we have a shower. The water taste great too. Why did we leave it so long to have it installed. Highly recommended..

    Pat McLean , Streatham, London

    Dear All, We are very Happy with EWT water softener. They are very flexible and helpful. We are very happy with our product and will recommend others.

    Soma Das , Langley

    Had a water filter fitted in November really pleased with it water is so soft and my skin feels better.

    Linda Betts , soth east

    My life has changed! No more ten minute clean up after a shower.No white greasy film in the washbasins,build up of lime crust on and around taps,encrusted lime in toilet bowl.All have disappeared like magic with very little effort and a great big smile. As for washing up----just a few drops of washing up liquid,taps surround and draining board sparkling with just a wipe. Washing powder/liquid usage minimal and soft towels at last. What I can see pleases me but what I cannot see pleases me even more. The thought that my washing machine ,central heating and general pipework are having a spring clean is reassuring. My husband was not keen on the idea of a water softener--but then as a man who doesn't do the housework I could understand his thinking. It looks as if a skin condition he suffers (without medical remedy) may well be improving and I await the outcome and hopefully convince him of the true value of this installation.

    Mrs Ann Tubb , The Green, Witney, Oxfordshire

    Installation was done with a minimum of mess. Our plumbing is somewhat odd, but EWT came up with a solution that was far neater than that proposed by rival tenders. Moreover they're far cheaper. I would recommend EWT to our friends.

    David Harbud , Manor Way, Bexley

    We had our water softener installed by EWT last week and I simply cannot fault them. From their outstanding customer service when ordering (we used Groupon to get a really good discount) right down to the installation, it all went really smoothly. Chuba (the installer) was on time, neat and tidy and even when faced with a tricky installation (due to our old house and the odd location of where we wanted the unit to go) he couldn't have made things any easier. The separate water filter in the kitchen works brilliantly and even though its only been a few days since the softener was put in, we can notice a major difference. The water tastes and most importantly feels so much better. Our shower is running clear and the major limescale that we used to get is gone. Overall this was money very well spent with a great company. Top marks.

    Simon Maloney , Chatham

    I must say that the engineer was brilliant. I am already benefitting with soft silky water. It's the best investment I have made as the EWT Gold Series water softener will in the long run pay for itself .

    Bharat patel , Watford

    First class product, service and company!! I would have no hesitation in recommending EWT and their products to everyone out there. From my first telephone call to meeting the engineer who fitted our softener the customer care was top drawer. Our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener is amazing and makes me only wish that we had had it fitted years ago. Thank you EWT for excellent customer care and a superb product at good value for money. Ricky Valks

    Ricky Valks , Chelmsford

    Brilliant quality of water.

    Tiesha , Blackheath

    We have immediately noticed the difference in water quality, although the improvements keep coming as the water system washes through. Very happy with the product and the service. The engineer fitted the softener unit and filter in no time at all. Thanks.

    Andrew Whibley , Aldgate

    had a water softener system and a drinking water filter fitted just a few weeks ago and already noticed a great difference lime scale already reducing all round the house and it when it was fitted the engineer was very quick and efficient no mess very helpful the area we live in has very hard water

    masters , tilbury

    13/01/2014 Two months ago we had our EWT water softener fitted. And we are very pleased with the results. The most obvious improvement that we noticed is the total lack of limescale which was causing constant problems as we are in a hard water area. The water tastes good, and bathing and shower has become a great pleasure. The best investment in home improvement we have ever made!

    john dobson , Bishops Stortford, Hartfordshire

    Should have had this product fitted as soon as we purchased our property! The difference was instantly noticeable and it just gets better. No more lime scale is so rewarding. From initial phone contact to final installation, EWT have shown just how companies SHOULD operate. Their engineer was prompt, meticulous and installed the product in a convenient position for us, not in the easiest position. He explained the equipment so we fully understood and left his work areas spotless. We will have no qualms about recommending their product. Spalding has now become a "nicer" place to live, thanks to EWT.

    Alan and Moira Pilkington , Ingleby Court, Spalding

    From the initial installation to the present day we have been dealt with in a truly, professional and pleasing manner. Thank you EWT

    Neil Marston , Fulbeck

    We had our gold range softener fitted on 17th June and today is the 20th june This has got to be one of the best investments we have put in to the house The drinking water taste so much better ( I couldn't drink the water before as it tasted too chalky to me ) And as for taking a shower don't make my mistake of using the usual amount of shampoo Only use half the amount as the water is so soft it lathers up so much more you will be making savings on all of your soap products Also we would clean the shower and the very next day we would have lime scale reappearing We live in Margate Kent and sit on top of chalk so our water is full of lime scale We have no sign of any lime scale either in the shower or on the stainless steel sink unit. I wish we had bought one of these years ago

    Robert Kingham , Arlington gardens Margate

    really pleased with the water softener fitted recently.the fitter was very professional,clean working and very polite,a real nice guy, he cleaned up and left no rubbish at all.since the softener has been fitted the absence of lime scale in our home has been remarkable, the tone of our skins is soft and the effect on our hair is brilliant,softer,shinier,more more film on the stainless in the kitchen a quick wipe and its all gleaming-priceless!.i would recommend anyone in our hardwater area to have one fitted, it,ll transform your lives!.thanks ew.

    paul vandenbos , little chalfont

    First of all, the installation went very smoothly. The engineer was very friendly and certainly didn't rush the work. Even after just a few days, I couldn't believe how much cleaner the worktop in the kitchen was; it shined and I could actually see a reflection in it for the first time ever! The shower is much the same; before the softener, I was having to do a thorough clean at least once a week - after a year of having the water softener installed, I've probably had to clean it a couple of times and have never had the shower head block. The water actually feels softer too and with the filter they installed under the sink, even London water is palletable. I've happily recomended them to friends too.

    Dominic Raywood , Stratford

    Had an emergency with my water softener this morning. Called up EWT and spoke to Ryan who sorted out an engineer the same day. Really impressed and really glad I have the service plan which keeps my softener in top-top condition. Well done EWT.

    Stewart , Watford

    We had an EWT water softener installed a couple of years ago and it has really improved the water that we use in our house. The lime scale has pretty much gone and the softener has worked great. Excellent customer service and services included within our price plan are carried out by pleasant technicians who have been very polite, clean and fast. This product is an absolute must if you have hard water.

    Ian Rayner , Linslade

    Once the unit is installed this company is basically impossible to contact and come to sort out my unit that is not working. I am in the process of sorting a replacement unit from another company. Do not use this company as it will cost you a lot of money in the long term as I am having to buy a new unit.

    smith , Bromley

    I am really pleased with my water softener, there is no more limescale build up around the taps and in the kettle and the shower cubicle is much easier to keep clean. The fitter and the after sales people have been first rate,I would recommend them and EWT water softeners to anyone

    Nigel Woodvine , Atkinson Road, Folkestone

    Very pleased with the way my initial call was handled and all follow up queries I had after that to find out which product was best for my needs. The installation was simple and straight forward and we have really noticed a difference in the cleanliness of the shower and sinks. We are also using reduced amounts of cleansing products in our daily routine. I would recommend anyone living in a hard water area to get one fitted now.

    David Giles , Hamstreet

    Had the EWT GOLD SERIES water softener and G1 water filter fitted in June of 2014.Waited till now to write a review because i wanted to see how the machine performed compared to my last one which had served us for some 20+ yrs.Hardly any scale.The machine perfomance has exceeded our expectations.Very very happy with the softener and also the Sales Dept,Customer Services and Installation Engineers were very helpful and polite.It was a pleasure dealing with EWT.I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Bhikhu Majeethia , Edgware

    Excellent service, engineer polite, friendly and helpful. Bathroom and kitchen sink and appliances lime scale free. Skin feels soft and moisturised, less dry and not so itchy. Hair feels silky and frizz free. Would recommend installation of this product.

    P Akhtar , Belvedere

    Excellent service before installation, at installation and after installation.

    Lorraine Parker , Guillemot, Bracknell

    Had a water softener fitted one year ago and can honestly say that it has made a big difference. Not just in the reduction of using cleaners for taps and sanitary ware, but no longer having to scrub clean the bathtub and sinks. The benefit on washing and reduced use of detergents and soaps is brilliant. My skin and also my wife's skin has also benefitted being much softer and needing less moisturiser. I can recommend the fitting of this appliance in any hard water area.

    Gary Knight , Manston Road
  • Really pleased with the new Gold Series water softener from EWT. Already notice the difference after only a few days. Installation was not a problem with the engineer being very helpful and taking care with the install was as we wanted.

    Kevin Basson , Gravesend

    EWT. I found the company was obliging & very helpful in all depts. what a difference the softner makes,Highly Recommended.

    Mr. B.Locking , Thistledown, Deal, Kent

    Excellent service, was explained in detail of the process and also the job was done Neatly!! :) we can see the difference in the water already..


    One of the best purchases that we have made. Installer turned up on time, fitted the system hassle free, and we were surprised that within a day of the system being fitted the whole family noticed how much softer the water was. I would recommend having a system fitted and would 1000% have the system installed by EWT. A wise investment we have made.

    Steve Palmer , Holbury

    The whole process from ordering, appointment booking, professional advice, installation and demonstration was fantastic. I just had my EWT 606 Gold Series installed and the benefits are immediate. EWT Installation Team did an excellent job - arrived on time, fantastic job installing the unit and pipe work, explained everything you need to know and answered all my questions. Great product providing fantastic customer service and experience. Thank you.

    Glenn Nethercott ,

    EWT Water softener has made a great difference to our home.The shower screen is now clean all of the time. Very polite and helpful engineers. On top of all, excellent customer service. I would not hesitate in recommending EWT to family or friends.

    Prithula Mukherjee , London

    I have now had my water softener installed for almost a year and the difference is amazing. The water is soft to shower in and makes a noticibly different taste to tea. There is no more limescale around my taps and showers saving time cleaning and putting an end to the need for limescale remover. I can only imagine the good it is doing for my electrical goods

    Miss Taupin , Herne Bay

    This is by far the worst company we have ever dealt with. In two years we have had no service at all despite making numerous appointments. The only time an engineer did arrive was in the morning, when an appointment had been made for late afternoon. I have again had no response from the company after my call and am fed up constantly chasing them. As far as we are concerned, the system can be removed and our money returned.

    Christine Caldwell , Tunbridge Wells

    29/01/2014: Our Gold Range Water Conditioner was fitted 3 weeks ago, the fitters were excellent, they arrived on time, fitted the conditioner and left no mess at all! We have had softened water for 3 weeks now and can really see the difference, no scale left anywhere, loads of lather from very little soap, shampoo, shower gel, washing up liquid, etc. All in all we couldn't be more pleased with our purchase and have already recommended EWT to our friends.

    Terry Edwards , Frimley, Camberley

    The whole process was very smooth, with EWT clearly explaining how the Gold Series 606 water softener system worked and what would be suitable for us. Installation was very efficient and the engineer was first class. We are already starting to notice a difference

    andrew gadsby , Wymondham

    Began to notice a difference after a couple of days, water tastes better no scum when washing. Very impressed with fitter nice neat job.

    Dave Goodwin , Beccles

    24th Feb 2015. Our engineer Csaba contacted us early in the morning to advise us he could come earlier which suited us fine. I was not at home when he arrived but came home about an hour after he had arrived to find Csaba hard at work under our kitchen sink. He had covered the floor to protect it and worked diligently, carefully and efficiently the whole time he was here. Everything was fitted so neatly and he left the kitchen so tidy. He was pleasant and explained all about how everything worked thoroughly. We had our 2 small grandchildren here as well and they were being a bit of a nuisance but he was super with them. Obviously too early too notice any difference with lime scale apart from kettle and nicer taste. So looking forward to having sparkly showers, stainless steel stinks and smear free shower cubicles. I will be happy to out another review on here once we have used system for a while

    Jacqui moran , Evergreen way/ ashford

    We had our EWT 606 Gold Series water softener installed 3 months ago. The improvements are as the literature and sales/customer services teams report. We had a lime scale problem, that has now gone and I'm spending half the time cleaning the kitchen/bathroom! We used to get blocked kitchen and bathroom sinks, that problem has now gone! We use less soap, hair products and washing up liquid, this saving us money. Our skin is softer. This is all because we have a water softener! We highly recommend getting a water softener and wished we had got one sooner.

    Tracy Paddington , Sevenoaks

    Since I had my EWT water softener installed two months ago, I have noticed a massive change in the bathroom where my shower head and taps are completely free of limescale. Not only does my bathroom look better but my hair feels much softer after showering and i am using a lot less shampoo. Having two teenage children my washing machine is running frequently, i am noticing real savings every month on the amount of detergent i am using and i think the softener is actually paying for itself! I would recommend EWT to everyone, the filter has improved everything i thought it would and more.

    Anne Battle , Brentwood, Essex

    Have noticed a big difference from very hard water to significantly soft water. Taps and kitchen sink don't have watermarks anymore. The drinking water tastes much better now. Can also see difference in taste of tea. Glad that I got gold series system installed. Have already recommended to family and friends.

    N Kapoor , North View

    03/02/2014 Very satisfied with installation and the service from EWT from the start

    Mr A Fine , Woodford Green

    my wife and I purchased the EWT water softner. Contacting the company to arrange an install date was easy, fast and efficient and Amy who handled my request was polite, professional and efficient. So to was the engineer who came and completed the installation. Both are a credit to the organisation and I'd like to see their service and professionalism acknowledged internally. So far, we are realy pleased with the decision to purchase the EWT system and have no hesitation in referring family, friends or colleagues to your business. Regards Scott Graske

    Scott Graske , Turners Drive, High Wycombe

    Great Service and brilliant work. The engineer was great and he showed me everything.It's been a week now and I am feeling different taste and much better feel with our water supply. There is no noise or problem yet. Happy to recommend others and thanks for the service.


    Good sound installation Minimum of fuss,bother and dislocation.Only Installed 31st March and we're feeling the benefits already.

    John Rees , Iver

    I had installation recently and I was very pleased with the service. you can understand that your skin now feels softer and when you have a shower there is no water marks and stains from surfaces. We have to make this year and year ago.Me and my family very pleased so far and have referred to others.Thank you all EWT family

    necla Ozen , hertfordshire

    This is our second EWT 606 Gold Series water softener from EWT , We moved house and left the previous softener behind, The engineer installed the new softener with the minimum of fuss and explained the workings of the new one very well. We noticed the difference in the water hardness straight away when washing/ showering.

    Colin Merritt , Margate

    I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am very pleased. Already my lovely new kettle is cleaner, and I have to remember to be more careful in the bath as it's more slippery!! Bye bye Brita filter jug..! The engineer was really helpful, friendly and the service was first class. Can't understand why I waited so long..My skin is better too...

    Keith Hawthorn , I had my installation on July 1st, and so far I am

    I moved to a new home and thought it would be good to start with soft water. Having lived in other countries for more than 20 years and never experienced hard water, it is quite unpleasant - a lot of lime scale in showers and washing machines, hard hair and flaky face (had to start using face cream) is not making you life easy to be frank. Booking and installation was easy and quick. It would be beneficial if £45 a year for salt was mentioned on the inquiry call and the fact that power required for softener to pump waste out. I am sure it is mentioned somewhere in T&C but a quick courtesy reminder would help. Drinking water tap has been installed as well - water is no different from what it was... channel it through Britta and you can taste and see the difference instantly. My friend also took sample to check how good the filter is – in brief Britta works far better. I will review quality of water after next scheduled service.rnBut overall, I think it is a great machine, must have item in every household. Saves you money and effort.

    Konstantins Jegorovs , Wimbledon

    Within a few days of installation my wife was commenting most favourably on the lack of lime scale on our Shower Doors. It has continued to impress a year later.

    Jeff Bond , Waterloville

    My softener stopped working a couple of weeks ago, an engineer was sent out, Romy, who was very helpful, explained what had happened and why, (incorrect salt type used), cleaned and serviced the components, worked in a clean and efficient manner, very happy with service.

    Nilesh Hirani , London

    The engineer was prompt polite and very efficient. He knew exactly what needed to be done and answered all our questions. We have had it for a few months now and have noticed a big difference in the water quality. Our taps are always shiny and clean. We love the silky feel of our shower water and the taste of the drinking water.

    Mr Vikash Naik , Ilford

    We've had the water softener and drinking tap now for 9 months and having noticed the reduction in limescale throughout the house, we would not want to be without it and the drinking water tastes much better.

    Gareth Spooner , York Avenue, Sidcup

    It has been a year since I had the EWT GOLD Series water softener installed. Works fine, no scale. Great engineer, happy with it so far.

    Mohamed , Croxley Green

    It's almost a year and I guess it's a right time to give a review because I have tested the gold series water softener over a good period of time. I'm really happy with the product and i would recommend this system to anyone with limescale problems in their home.

    Amit Tomar , Slough

    We are really enjoying our EWT Gold Series 606 water softening as this is making a great difference in our lives. 1. We do not need as much detergent to wash our laundry- reduced by 50%. 2. The bathroom and shower does not have all the limescale as before so we just clean it as when needed , not as frequent as previously. 3. The drinking water tastes better. 4. Our skin is softer and more radiant and we use less cream. Awesome.