Salt & Service bundle

Efficiency Checks, Filter Changes & Salt


Have Salt Delivered Straight To Your Door

(minimum order of 10 bags)
£ 9.50 per bag
  • Each bag contains 15 kg
  • G14 Crystal Water Softener Salt
  • Highly Efficient
  • Delivered


G1 Filter Change & Free Water Softener Efficiency Check + Salt Bundle

£ 227
  • G1 Filter Change
  • Free Water Softener Efficiency Check
  • 10 Bags Of Water Softener Salt


G5 Filter Change & Free Water Softener Efficiency Check + Salt Bundle

£ 265
  • G5 Filter Change
  • Free Water Softener Efficiency Check
  • 10 Bags Of Water Softener Salt
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Yvette Austin
Yvette Austin
13:11 27 Jan 21
I have been with EWT for 5 years. I have found their product and service has always been excellent;... courteous and professional. From the initial contact with customer services to the installation and regular service of water softner by engineer. Also, great aftercare service with email reminders to check system after service. Living in a hardwater area, this water softner makes all the difference not only when washing clothes and my skin but also to the longevity of my washing machine and dishwasher!read more
Rani Chera
Rani Chera
10:52 10 Jan 21
I have now had the water softener since August 2015, I can honestly say it has been the best thing... I have ever done. I get a yearly service and it stays/works at optimum level. Its has never given me a problem yet.Now, due to lockdown my annual allotment of salt bags (which is 5) was definitely not going to last me till August as I'm down to two bags. So, I had to order a further six, (the six bags is a minimum you can order), as we are using more water than usual. I placed an order online and was not sure as to when I was going to receive the bags. On the 4th Jan when offices opened I called the customer service team. They are truly amazing and extremely helpful. I got my bags within a week of the call and am really happy. I love my water softener and I actually recommend to everyone I know and the engineers and drivers who come out for deliveries and services are so good and respectful. it truly works and OMG it saves All our appliances that use water. I haven't had any limescale since 2015. more
Bob Spanner
Bob Spanner
19:44 22 Dec 20
I've had a water softener from EWT for 5 years now. The water in Norfolk is quite hard and this... softener does the job very well. I've had an annual service from EWT which is organised easily on-line when an engineer is in my area. My service engineer has always been very tidy and particularly respectful of my property (he took his shoes off outside the house). What a lovely more
Sudhir Joshi
Sudhir Joshi
12:24 11 Dec 20
With EWT for 3 years now and can't find any fault hence giving 5 Stars with pleasure ! EWT is a... necessity and not a luxury - please get one to transform your relationship with Water - biologically you are over 60% water!!read more
Joesay Eric
Joesay Eric
18:37 08 Nov 20
Have a EWT 606 water softener and G5 water installed 3 days ego.EWT Engineer was excellent. Great... knowledge of product. Very clean job, really impressed. The drinking water taste is awesome. The only downside was I have to wait so long to get installation more
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