9 Reasons to Give Up Bottled Water Today

Bottled water may be convenient, but there are plenty of downsides too – affecting your health, the environment and even your wallet. Here are just a few reasons you might want to give up bottled water today and consider tap instead.

1. Tap water is safer than it’s ever been – especially if you use a filtration system.

Tap water nowadays is heavily regulated, so although some of its elements may not be favourable – they’re very unlikely to kill you. Even better, you can now combine it with your own filtration system to ensure the water is completely safe.

2. A lot of the bottled water on the market today is just filtered tap water.

Many brands of bottled water have actually turned out to be nothing more than packaged tap water. In this instance, you’re essentially paying for what you already have for a fraction of the cost at home.

3. Just because water is bottled, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Some bottled waters have been found to contain less than desirable elements such as disinfectant and pesticides, making it no more safe or pleasant than tap water.

4. Tap water is a lot cheaper to consume.

With tap water, you’re only paying your standard water rates, without the additional markup for packaging and labelling.

5. You won’t be contributing to the effects of plastic on the environment.

Many plastic bottles never get recycled properly, meaning they contribute to landfills and pollution. Avoid this by purchasing plastic packaging as little as possible.

6. You’ll be cutting down the need for oil consumption.

According to National Geographic, around 17 million gallons of crude oil is used each year during the production of plastic bottles.

7. Plastic bottles contain chemicals that can be leaked into the water.

Over time, the toxins contained in plastic packaging can be broken down and leaked into bottled water, especially if the bottles are being reused several times each.

8. Tap water doesn’t have to be any less convenient.

If you’re looking for water to drink on the go, there’s no reason you can’t still use tap water. This is your chance to buy a cool new water bottle in any print or design or colour you like. So much more fun than a regular bottle!

9. Bottled water may even have a negative impact on your community.

Imagine the amount of money spent by businesses in your area who resell bottled water. Now imagine if all that money was put into the local community – perhaps even to make the local water supply better!

If you’ve been considering giving up bottled water, we hope that these reasons are enough to convince you to let go for good.

If you’re looking to make the change and are concerned about the quality and taste of your tap water, get in touch with EWT to learn more about how its safety, taste and quality can be improved with the addition of one of our filters.

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