Why Is Hard Water A Problem For Homeowners?

Hard water is a common problem for many homes in the UK. Hard water can be costing you more money in a number of ways that you may be completely unaware of. Most homeowners may even be unaware that the water being supplied to their home is hard, and others just do not know how important it is to implement one easy solution to solve their hard water problems.
How to tell if you have hard water?
When you have hard water coming from you home taps, there are a number of clues that you may not be aware of that suggest you have hard water. Some of these signs may be more noticeable than others and can include:

  1. Hard water is less soluble and will make getting a good lather with soap, shampoos, body washes and other bath items difficult. With soft water, a higher quantity of bubbles will form for you to wash with, but with hard water, these bubbles either do not form or disappear quickly. This in turn results in you using more of these products than necessary just to get a 'good' lather.
  2. The hard water in your home can also cause major skin irritations. Hard water contains additional minerals that can absorb the moisture that your skin needs to stay hydrated. This can cause severely dry, flaky skin and individuals who suffer from eczema will see even more irritation when they use hard water.
  3. If you have noticed a buildup of soap residue, then this is a good sign that you have hard water being supplied to your home. Not only will you be able to see this visibly in your shower or tub, but hard water will also cause limescale build up when used for cooking or boiling water. This can significantly increase your utility bills because it takes much longer for the chemicals in hard water to break down and heat up.

What can you do about your hard water?
The best solution to combat your hard water problems is to soften the water. This is easily done with an ion exchange resin device that will convert the hard water into soft water. Water softeners are easy to install and are the most effective ways for you to turn your hard water into more suitable soft water. You want to make sure you get the suitable water softener for your home that can help you reduce your monthly bills and supply the right amount of soft water to your home.
Water softeners can come in a number of sizes and can be placed in various locations in your home from under the kitchen sink to the garage or basement. The EWT 606 Metered Water Softener from EWT Water Specialists is a compact water softener that can turn you hard water into soft water while also removing costly limescale from the water as well. For larger homes you may want to choose the EWT 607 Gold Metered Water Softener. Slightly more effective than the 606 model the 607 is great for larger household but also comes in a compact enough design that it can be easily placed under many kitchen cabinets.
The EWT Water Specialists offer a wide range of water softeners that are guaranteed to efficiently turn your hard water into soft water. You can benefit from saving on your monthly utility bills and shopping bills with this simple solution to you hard water problems. To see more of the top rated water softeners that EWT Water Specialist offer, you can search through our many products at http://www.ewtechnologies.co.uk/water-softeners-range

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