Party On: How to Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Having a party is a great way to socialise, catch up with friends or family and just have an all-round great time. But, on a more serious note, there are plenty of reasons to ensure you keep your guests hydrated.

If you're throwing a summer barbeque or garden party, beware of the hot weather that may leave your guests feeling hot and thirsty.

The same may also be said for indoor parties during the winter. With many people in one space and the central heating cranked up to its maximum setting, the same feelings of dehydration can occur!

There's also the chance you'll be serving alcohol at your party, which makes it even more important to ensure everyone has access to water. Alcoholic drinks are known for their dehydrating effects on the body – as well as the feeling of being hungover that can come from it. To avoid these effects, always ensure you alternate water with any other drinks you're serving. Your guests will thank you in the morning!

But when hosting a party, how do you go about ensuring everyone in attendance is getting the hydration they need? After all, many people will use the celebration as an excuse to indulge in colourful or sugary beverages rather than plain H2O. Here are our top tips!
Serve bottled water on ice.

Keep a cooler readily stocked with bottled water that your guest can grab and go as they please. When the need to hydrate kicks in, they'll be glad it's there.
Or, set up a fountain for all to share.

A large party fountain doesn't just have to be for punch or cocktails. It can also be great for simple water, with lots of ice on hand to keep things cool.
Put up fun reminders to stay cool.

If your party is on the casual side, why not have a little fun? Put up your own DIY reminder posters encouraging your guests to stay hydrated. Bonus points if you include directions to your tap, water fountain or refrigerator!

Offer them water directly.

There's no reason you can't throw in a quick 'hey, do you want some water?' as you mingle with your guests. This way, they'll know water is an option and will more than likely take you up on your offer.
Ensure great tasting water for everyone to enjoy.

If you don't want to splash out on expensive bottled water but still want to ensure your guests have a supply they can enjoy, consider having a water filter or softener installed.

By having these fitted, the chemicals and ions that usually affect the taste of your water will be removed, resulting in a cleaner, more refreshing supply. Plus, filtered water is better for your health too!
If you're considering having a water softener or water filter fitted in your home, why not contact EWT Water Specialists? Get in touch today to learn more about our range of products and what we could do for you!

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