Keeping Fish As Pets?Here is How Filtered Water Could Improve The Life Of Your Tank

If you’re an owner of pet fish, you’ll probably be used to the importance of water, filters, treatments and having the correct equipment to keep them safe and healthy. But you might not have considered whether filtered water could be the right choice for your fish tank or aquarium.
So, is there an advantage to using filtered water in your fish tank? Read on to find out! >/p>

The Effects of Filtered Water on Fish

While fish will, of course, be happier and healthier in clear, filtered water, you likely already have a water filter installed – which is standard with most common tanks. This means that whichever water you place in the tank will be filtered anyway.
This maymake it seem like there’s no point using a filter, but that’s actually not the case. The purer the water is to begin with, the less chemicals and toxins are likely to remain after being processed through the filter in the tank, meaning an even healthier environment for your fish.

Visibility Will Increase Too

Have you ever poured yourself a glass of tap water, only to notice it’s cloudy? This is due to the elements it contains. While we know many of these are unhealthy, they also affect visibility. This might not be an issue in your drinking water, but you’ll no doubt want your fish tank to be clean and clear so you can see your marine life as well as possible.

It’s Also Easier On Your Hardware

If you’ve read our previous posts (or are just clued up on plumbing), you’ll know that appliances can be damaged over time as a result of unfiltered water wearing them down. As your fish tank is technically an appliance, you’ll find that the same applies and that the ‘hardware’ of your tank will need replacing less frequently and stay in better condition for longer, which also means they’ll stay more effective and ensure a better environment for your fish.

But it’s not Just your Fish who’ll Benefit

You’ll benefit from having a better water supply too! Filtered water not only tastes better, but it’s also safer and healthier as 99.9 percent of harmful chemicals and toxins are removed during the filtration process.

If you’re ready to consider having a water filtration system installed, now is the time to get in touch with EWT and learn more about our product range. We offer water filters and softeners to ensure your water supply is high quality, great tasting and of course, safer for your friends with fins.

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